Working with me is a commitment to your spiritual growth. I provide a unique and personalized service guiding you to fully embrace and open up your spiritual gifts. We all have the potential to be in touch with our guides and angels, but it has been my experience that most of my clients who take advantage of my personalized coaching are experiencing significant attempts from the spirit world to touch and communicate with them.

Some of my clients have taken, or are in the process of taking my Spiritual Development Classes and feel a need for personal--one on one coaching. Others are satisfied and are able to receive enough guidance through my spiritual development classes and do not require personal coaching. 

How do you know if coaching or classes are right for you? 

Jane provides an invaluable service to those who seek spiritual awakening. You need to meet Jane.
— Ned
  • Do you sense or hear vibrations?   Such as a high-pitched tone in your ears? 
  • Do you have prophetic dreams?  What you dream actually happens in your physical experience?
  • Do you notice and acknowledge signs sent to you by the angels of your loved ones after they have passed into the spiritual world? 
  • Do you see images with closed eyes?  
  • Do you feel energy around feeling like a tingling or an electrical charge?
  • Do you meditate and find thoughts that are not your own flowing into your mind?

If so, you may be ready to activate your gifts fully.
The spiritual world wants a relationship with you.  It is very likely that you are an old soul and guides and angels are reaching out to you.  

Each person I work with is different, therefore I spend a great deal of time designing a program specifically to meet your needs. Not everyone needs coaching for 6 months.   I prefer to work one or two months at a time.  Each coaching session is $100.

Many of my long-term clients started on this deeper soul-coaching journey after they experienced a reading with the Master Saint Germain. Every decision I make on your behalf is guided by Saint Germain and your own personal guides.  During the time we work together you are my priority.  If you have not worked with me previously or had a reading  start by scheduling a 60 minute session.  This will be a reading followed by a conversation about your needs.

  If I know you already through previous readings or shamanic intervention just send me an e-mail and we will set a time to chat on the phone.

We in the spiritual realms are blessed to work with you— for you bring the light to those who cannot see it for themselves.
— Ned

Should you choose to work with me in this way you will experience:

  • A plan featuring objectives for our work together.
  • An initial Shamanic Journey to clear anything that may be holding you back from experiencing your connection to spirit at the highest level.
  • A reading list.
  • Journaling prompts on a weekly basis.
  • Readings with Saint Germain as a check-in on your progress. There will be time for your questions also.
  • Spiritual exercises designed for your needs.
  • Divination- If your needs call for this knowledge 
  • Unlimited e-mails during our work together.