Healing The Body Through the Power of your Own Spirit

Tuesday, April 9

8 pm- 9:30 pm

I plan to offer this event three times a year. There will be a limit to the size of the group. It is an opportunity for Saint Germain to engage my audience. He loves to do this. The cost is $20 and includes your spouse or other family members who would like to listen and participate.

  • A channeled message for the entire group—Chosen by Saint Germain of course!

  • Individual mini readings- names will be chosen from the group of participants.

  • An opportunity for questions at the end. 

Jane provides an invaluable service to those who seek spiritual awakening. You need to meet Jane.
— Ned
We in the spiritual realms are blessed to work with you— for you bring the light to those who cannot see it for themselves.
— Ned