Online Group Spiritual Development Classes

I have designed three sets of classes which include 6- 90 minute sessions  for those of you with the desire to develop your spiritual gifts of seeing, feeling, and hearing spirit.  Part of using your God given gifts includes developing a deeper relationship with the universal energy of God, your personal Guides, Angels, and Master Teachers.  As you dive into this deeply loving energy you will begin to operate from your highest self. In doing so, your everyday life begins to change in subtle yet profound ways.

Many of you reading this have come to me for readings with Saint Germain and discovered that you are "sensitives," and already experience the presence of spirit. Having a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing, and how to apply it to your daily life is what these classes are all about. Saint Germain is working with me to design the course. It is always tailored to the specific group.

The first set of 6 classes are the foundation. The second set will ask you to go deeper into exploring your own spiritual gifts.  There will be active exercises each week to open up your ability to see, hear and feel spirit.  The third set of classes is a deep dive into esoteric wisdom shared by Saint Germain.  You have to take the classes in order unless you have my permission to skip a set!!     Class payment buttons will be up by August, 2019.

Spiritual Development Class Level 1

Tentative Dates for Fall- September 11, 18,25; October 2,9, and 16

Class is held Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm EST to 9 pm.

Sign up Buttons will be available in Late June or early July

  • Connecting with your Spiritual Guides

  • Guided meditations and support in making this a regular practice.

  • Techniques to bring out your natural gifts of seeing, feeling and hearing spirit

  • Easy meditative practices.

  • How to control your energy body

  • Unlimited e-mails every week. This is a way the entire class benefits from everyone's participation in the time between classes.

  • A comprehensive reading list.

  • All class questions coming up during the week following the class are answered in a single document so that everyone learns from each other.

Spiritual Development Class- Level 2

This class will be offered winter, 2020

You have to complete Level 1 before taking this class.

Cost of all the classes is $85.00

  • Many tools to develop your ability to connect with spirit and offer readings.

  • Reading the cards the Irish way

  • Channeling basics

  • Connecting and working with Master Teachers and angels

  • Discernment--- How do you know you are truly in connection with spirit

Spiritual Development Class- Level 3

This class will be offered in October and November, 2019

You must complete Class #1 and #2 to take this class or have my permission to skip

  • This is the the class I call the "deep dive." Saint Germain is actively involved in the classes and will answer questions as I channel his voice. I change this class every time I offer it because I know who has already completed Class #1 and #2 and I know how deep I can go with the group. Saint Germain and I share deep esoteric knowledge and pass it on. You have to take class 1 and 2 first. This class is empowering.

  • My goal in teaching is to give you confidence so you will pass on this information in order to help others.



















Online Group Channeled Teaching Series
The meditation was remarkable. The words from Saint Germain, about this web of energy all around us, was to me very revealing. I very much liked the depth of this message. I needed to hear this message, for it helped explain in part how it is that souls’ communicate with each other, in this make-believe, illusory world we live/dream in.
— Steve H
Many thanks to you and Saint Germain for taking the time to shepherd the flock, so to speak! I appreciate your time and effort to reach out t everyone... you are a kind soul indeed. I felt giddy as a little kid anticipating Christmas morning before and during the call.

For me, most everything we covered resonated with me. I am a healer. I am looking for direction on how to attract people, how to use the violet light, direction on improving my clairvoyance, senses, technique, and how to chart how I can leave this place better than I found it.

I just signed up for session 2. I am super excited about it. Also, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Session 1 and the angel readings on your web-site. All of this has helped me quite a bit in the last few months. I am feeling very encouraged and inspired.

”The material was very well laid out, building from one idea to the next. I loved learning about the different tools available for tuning in. I am feeling more confident. I love when Saint Germain works through you to teach us.” Debbie K.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have taught and given to me this year. It has really been a transforming year for me, and I owe a lot of that to your mentoring and guidance. I truly appreciate the love you have given so freely and I send love back! I am so happy to have you in this life and you have truly made an incredible difference in my spiritual growth. I look forward to keeping in contact with you. I will definitely miss your classes, but I will continue to take everything you taught and grow. Love, Chris D.

Just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed the level one course! I’m still struggling to get into a solid routine with meditation, journaling, etc., but I have more of a base to go off on. and I am so happy I do. I am excited for level 2 and look forward to the start of weekly classes again, Thank,s Liz