Words from Saint Germain

Words from Saint Germain  

This is my first blog post on art speaks to soul. Thank you for joining me here.


This information is for you so that you will grow in spirit. I will share the wisdom of my guides in these blog posts by including excerpts from some of the readings. I will also post your questions and answers from spirit. You can send your questions to  jane@janehalliwell.com I will try to address as many as possible.


When this dictation happens I am in an altered state. I ask questions and then listen for the answers. I am not fully aware of the responses until I read them afterwards.


For this first post, I will share some general information channeled by the ascended master St. Germain If you would like more information on my relationship with St. Germain and how it began, I have posted some information on my website under My Story.


The dominant themes in any channeled information from St. Germain are about love and our relationship with God. In my first conversation with St. Germain he finished the conversation with a prayer asked that  I say it often during the day. I placed this prayer on my homepage and it reads:

Holy Father, I remember now that I am a Holy Spirit and like everyone else, all I see is pure love.

St. Germain is very concerned about our planet and I found this excerpt from a recent conversation with him very interesting.


St. Germain – Stardust falls all over the planet. This is sent from the spiritual, sacred places in the universe. Help is always offered.


Jane – how does this affect people?


St. Germain – it is felt in subtle ways – – speech  is softened – – hard edges are removed. This is like soft powder which makes one feel good.


Jane it sounds like a drug?


St. Germain – no not that. A sparkling rain containing love to all beings to better your world.


Jane -how can people relate to this personally?


St. Germain – just wait and I will tell you. Great and powerful energy is being sent to the ones who will listen and accept the message. Transformation may happen when the link is established between human beings and the divine. The confusion of the daily experience must be reduced to appreciate what I say.


Jane – I think I understand, but people are busy, and life is so full. How can we reduce the confusion? How do we let people know they are assisted in this way?


St. Germain you will tell them that although they feel alone, the earth is densely seeded with ancient wisdom and love. As they walked through daily tasks, spirit walks with them.


Jane – how can people connect with this?


St. Germain – pray for guidance.  Ask to see the divine in the greater world of form.


Jane – May I have a prayer?

St. Germain – with excitement. Yes let’s pray holy father we place  the power of the universe in the hand of the true divine beings now living in physical form. Pray that new understanding and clear thinking permeate these being so they may know I am one with all. Amen.


My last comment on this information – the information I receive is always about the connection we have with the greatest energy there is – what we refer to as God. St. Germain want us to know that we all have this connection of God energy within us.


I welcome your comments,  Warmly, Jane