Thanksgiving and Family

Thanksgiving and Family


Dear Friends of Art Speaks to Soul,

This post is my Thanksgiving gift to you.  I asked Saint Germain, who is the ascended master who speaks through me to speak about family relationships, and particularly how families come together in this lifetime.   I work with many people who have been challenged by relationships with close family members. I thought it would be proper, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, to post this deeply moving channeling session. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful in your own lives.


Jane- What is it, Saint Germain, that brings families together?  There may exist painful issues in families—hurt, hate, and rejection. How do people make the decision to come together on the other side and be incarnated together?

St. Germain- Families are made, not born. Do you understand this?

Jane—Yes, families come together with a plan correct?

St. Germain – The family unit is the greatest teaching classroom for your soul. In this arrangement of souls who spend many years together ,there may be  many conflicts. Such disturbances are part of the soul’s great challenge to love.

Jane – How do decisions get made to come together?

St. Germain - Careful planning and discussion take place between all parties going into the group. There is heated discussion – not an easy process and modulated by spirit and Masters here.

Jane- How does this all happen?

 Before he speaks I   can clairvoyantly see water forming spirals

St. Germain – As water forms whirlpools of energy ,a circling of souls begins to pull together in formation. There is --energy/force-- drawing them together in vibration.

Jane – What if souls are at different levels of soul growth?  Are they still drawn to each other?

St. Germain- All levels find each other and pull toward the others... It is as natural as the ocean forming beautiful waves – like the waves and the action of the waves. When a particular family unit forms here, from where I speak to you, master teachers, angels, and even I may intercede in the discussions.

Jane -But there are so many souls and this  sounds like so much work?

St. Germain – All is accomplished with care. The spirit world is well served by souls who are here specifically to watch and supervise this process.

Jane – I have had some people come to me for help with painful relationships particularly with parents.  Is this planned?

St. Germain – Souls do unto others as others do unto them. A balancing of the energy is necessary and each soul will choose a lifetime to experience and take part in this. Whether an individual soul rises to the challenge in the physical body is another issue. All parties leave here with the challenge, very few complete the task at the 100% level --some might get a B+ – so success rate varies.

Jane – What am I to tell my readers as they approach Thanksgiving? How do they manage this holiday with their families, especially if there’s any negative energy or bad feelings between them?

St. Germain – Take a moment to quietly remember you have all been asked to board this ship together. All have a job to do in reaching the ships destination. The quarters are very tight, so anger, resentment, and territorial issues can set a negative tone. All sailors must pitch in – care for each other as they journey across the wide ocean. Each has a role on the ship. Each has a challenge – some more than others. Perhaps, a sailor is ill or deformed and needs the crew to care for him? Perhaps a sailor falls off the boat into the sea. The others will try to rescue him or her and may or may not be successful. All hands on deck!

Jane – So this is a reminder that there are no accidents? When family gathers for Thanksgiving, they celebrate with the family of their choice. Is this also true for those people coming into the family due to marriage?

St. Germain – Yes, some people have multiple families and this has also been accepted as the soul's challenge.

Jane – What about mothers who abandon their children?

St. Germain - Such an occurrence has many reasons behind it.

Jane – Karma?

St. Germain – This word is misleading. It is too simple for the process. The task is more complicated and advanced. Like a spider with a delicate web not all threads are perfect.

Jane – So shall we give our readers some special guidelines the family holidays together?

  Saint Germain placed his arm around me and the angels who were present. My guardian angel and the Angel Raphael.  He prayed:

“Holy Father we send light and everlasting understanding to the families gathering together in groups this holiday. We pray that they are conscious of the law of love. Love others as you would like to be loved yourself. Forgive others as you would ask to be forgiven. Be in remembrance of the divine love given to each soul in the moment. This family was born in spirit. Amen

Jane – Is a something simple for my readers to do during the day of gathering?

St. Germain – When conflict takes place, and no resolution has been given say, “I chose this person to be in my life. I release all the pain and suffering they have caused me. I do not expect the same from them as they may not be ready to forgive me. St. Germain continues – I love all souls gathered around the table today. I choose to live this life with their support. Gracious father I pray to be shown the greatest understanding and love for these souls of my choosing. My soul will soar to new heights as I overcome all obstacles to love. I challenge myself to bring love into every encounter. I challenge myself to be the peacemaker. Love ends all misery.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you all.

Love,  Jane