Connecting with Loved Ones who have Crossed Over

offering at Saint Bridget's in Ireland
offering at Saint Bridget's in Ireland

I am sharing a personal story with you. Last April when I was in Ireland I visited the shrine of St. Bridget. I have always felt very close to this Saint. I am a dual citizen--both United States and Ireland, and so it seems very natural that I have always loved her. I have visited a number of shrines dedicated to St. Bridget, however on this visit I was with about 20 other women, some shamans like myself. We planned to leave an offering at the shrine and then journey outdoors using the drums.

I had prepared a prayer to St. Bridget.  I planned to leave the prayer in the shrine. I reached into my pocket-book and I found that at the bottom of my purse was my father’s driver’s license. My dad, John Halliwell, passed away on December 20, 2004.  I loved him dearly.  I was surprised to see his driver’s license in my purse. I had kept it in my desk drawer at home and this was a brand-new pocketbook. I had no recollection of moving the license into the pocketbook. And so, I took a deep breath, and decided that it was time to place the license which belonged to my father in the shrine. It seemed the right thing to do, although I have to say, it was very difficult for me. I carefully tucked it between the rosary beads and some other mass cards, shed a few tears, and then joined the rest of the group to journey.  Our plan was simply to journey to Saint Bridget.

If you read my website there is a page about shamanism that explains the process in which a shaman journeys.

During the journey I found myself with St. Bridget. It was one of the most emotional journeys I’ve ever done for myself. My entire family showed up, and Saint. Bridget blessed us with the holy water, one by one using our birth names. My father of course was there also. Following the blessing I found myself taken to the coast of Ireland and immersed in the water. I was then standing on the rocks beside the water where there was an altar. There was wine and the body and blood of Jesus set on the table. I accepted  this offering. At the top of the hill was St. Bridget’s shrine, the rocky area sloped down from the shrine, and the water was a little further out.   I stood in that immense beauty with Saint Bridget and my angelic guide.  When I returned from non-ordinary reality I was in tears having had an incredible experience.

This is an excerpt from part of a channeled reading that I did with St. Germain. I asked him why every person can’t communicate with their loved ones who have passed on. He replied that many lives would pass before an old soul could listen and pick up the energy of those that have passed on.  He continued to say the soul has a communication system without words. A channel/medium is able to listen in and is like a beacon.

I asked St. Germain about the souls who return to physical body. I was curious to understand how the decision is made as to when the right time would be to leave other side (astral plains).

St. Germain responds,” a soul must show a complete understanding of when love was practiced and when it was not. Once this is known and recognized planning for the next life can take place.”

I asked him how many choices the soul has in making decision to return to the physical form?

St. Germain responded,” as many of the soul wants to consider-- some take a 1000 possibilities and play with them for a long time, others make decisions quickly and are more anxious to have the physical experience quickly.

I asked about war. I said,” I have heard that soldiers will return quickly to the body”?

St. Germain replied,” yes you are correct. The desire to return quickly is based on reconnecting with loved ones.  Being reunited with family after any traumatic life event creates a desire for s   quick turnaround... There are some seniors who counsel against this, but no pressure is ever brought.”

St. Bridget spoke, and this was the first time that another higher being had joined Saint Germain in our sessions.  She had a personal message for me and she said, I stand here with your Angels and I bless you dear, and bring light to  surround you. Be strong, focus on the loving people who will arrive at your door.  Even one person who remembers that they are connected to all others  is a soul placed back on the path to great understanding of who they are. Each soul who understands this will affect many others and so you begin a service which can cascade and affect the world. This place you now call home needs love, light and the understanding of connection with all that surrounds them. We support you in this work fully and completely. Know that you are never alone. Each day as you struggle past the current obstacles we hold you close and send spiritual support...

I ended the session by addressing St. Bridget. I asked her if my dad was okay and I reminded her that I had left his driver’s license in her shrine in Ireland. She replied she is well and surrounded by your love not only here, but the love on the other side.

I hope that this message help some of you reading this message—those who was lost loved ones and miss them during the Christmas season. This is the most difficult time of your when we are separated from our family members. Just know in your heart that they are fine and although you cannot see them they are still with you. Love, Jane