Engaging Change

Change is an important word this time of year. As the New Year begins we ask ourselves—what needs to change  in our life now?  2014 represents momentous change for me personally as I leave corporate America and become a full-time healer.  All change is difficult and I would not be honest if I told you otherwise. Even with great support from spirit, I have required lots of  encouragement and the use of powerful shamanic tools to bring me to my change (in my life).  Once one becomes settled on a particular path that does not serve you (like a monotonous job), the daily routine and predictability provides comfort, despite the possibility that this path may not be the one chosen by your inner soul, or the one that brings  meaning and fulfillment.  Many of you reading this post are also contemplating radical change in your own lives. I look forward to working with many of you to support your search for your life’s path in the coming months.

I asked St. Germain to give us guidance on embracing  our spiritual path, and he provided the following wisdom:

“The start of the New Year is very artificial. Any day may represent the start of a new life, or new goal. All time, and the numbers that represent it are insignificant. Time is an illusion – a smokescreen. We will build a new picture of the New Year and call it a time of great decisions. This is the moment of self-understanding in which we take control of all the decisions of our personal life.  And so we will engage change. This is what life is all about. Nothing ever stays the same, does it not? So now you must ride the waves of change."

Jane – How does one let go from the comfort of routine?

St. Germain –" Life gets stuck as one works through the dense energy of the physical world, and as you know, it feels good to be safe. There is no safe place. This is also an illusion. Life is a challenge and a program. Life on earth was never meant to be easy. All souls are aware of this before they are born, however they miss their true calling by missing the signs.

Jane – I asked St. Germain to give me more specifics about the signs.

St. Germain – Signs are everywhere and made visible  by your angelic support. They arrive in large quantities and cannot be easily  missed. These signs are numbers, words spoken by other people, books, colors, random thoughts, accidents, illness, body problems,  and objects that have been found.  You are constantly guided and directed to take a certain course of action. Be aware of the signs that arrive  as a personal message.

Jane – I am particularly interested in numbers. Can we talk more about numbers and why they are important?

St. Germain – "numbers are significant and part of the universal language. They have meaning and this goes back to the creation of the universe. Each soul chooses their number before birth. It represents the life force. It is also connected and related the positions of the celestial bodies as well."

 Further along in this conversation with St. Germain he  says that you should not place limits on yourself.  He says, "be brave and aware of your  potential.  Do not hold yourself back.  Ask questions of your guides and watch for the responses because they will respond.  Be observant of all markers. Take chances and follow your heart."

He suggests that you write a letter to yourself asking for the information that you need. Place this letter by your bedside before you go to sleep and ask that your guides respond to your letter with some guidance.  He continues to say that there will be an answer in a very short time.

   As Saint Germain says “The path is always winding in circles. Do not walk this path with eyes turned down; instead, look upwards and seek the guidance of the heavens.”

Thank you for visiting Art Speaks To Soul    --- I wish you all a year in which your feet are firmly planted on your soul’s path.