Saint Germain-Health and Environment

This is a channeled session in which Saint Germain talks about our health and the environment. I found this very interesting and thought I would share parts of the channeled session with you.  When I  communicate with Saint Germain I ask questions that are interesting to me.  I also  allow  you to ask similar questions when I do a reading for you. Many of us are still thinking about our New Year’s resolutions and many include  a pledge to eat healthier. Saint Germain's comments about  eating meat may upset a few people.  I know this is a tough subject.   I always consider the  animal protein a side dish and buy organic free range meats when possible.  I think that is the best way to go if you can't give it up.

So here follows the channeled discussion about health and the environment.

St. Germain- “Maintaining a healthy body assures the soul’s ability to do its work, and to fulfill its mission on the planet.  Poor body care will take  the focus away from the soul and point to physical dis----ease. This is why the topic is so important. The body is a gift. Take care of it".

I asked --  please help me understand this.

St. Germain – “First, we will address the care of form ( physical body)  and then it’s control.  Earth yields poorer substance for the body now as compared to previous centuries. This makes food choices more difficult. The body was not intended as a vessel for animal meats. The body is a vessel for anything coming from the earth – anything planted in the earth.”

He continues about the issue of eating meat. He says, “Meat is almost always rotten before cooking. It  does not lighten or purify the body. When animals were captured  and eaten immediately in the way of primitive society, meats were better for the people.”

I asked him about fish and he expressed great concern over the condition of the oceans and the quality of the fish we eat.   He says "very few places in the world are yielding a clean catch." I asked him if I should give up my eggs. He replied, that eggs from clean chickens are good for the body.

I asked for more clarification on the issue of fish and he told me that there are only three places in the world with clean water. All three are in the Eastern hemisphere-- Iceland, Norway, and Northern Russia.

I asked him about using drugs and alcohol. He says to “use drugs when no natural alternatives exist. "  He is adamantly against cigarettes and says, “Cigarettes will stop the soul from progressing as they place a black cloud over the Auric field.” I asked  about drinking wine-- is this a good thing or not?   I love a glass of red wine with dinner. He said “wine is a substance when used in moderate amounts, is helpful to the body and has been drunk since man discovered a taste of the grape.”   He expressed this  lightly and with some understanding of  my preferences!

We continued to speak about the body. St. Germain said “the body is not the master. The soul is the master, and when body troubles come, take charge and say to the body --I am not a body I am part of the divine power of God, and in this capacity I demand the body heal. I demand that this body pain or restriction be given over to the Holy Father.

Saint Germain has mentioned to me more than once, that we can’t expect help from spirit unless we ask for it.

St. Germain goes on to say “the body is here to allow the fulfillment of your soul’s agreement in this life. The body will misbehave if the soul is not in alignment with its purpose. Ask yourself what the body is trying to teach me, and then take your right of God centered power to insist on healing.”

I highlighted the sentence above because it came through so strongly.

My comment to St. Germain was -- I don’t believe that most people understand they have a choice when encountering physical illness? ”

St. Germain replied,” The soul is always the chief. Remember you are a Holy Spirit. You are light.”

St. Germain mentioned that strong energy fields exist around our bodies and they give strength and protection for the body.  Most are not aware of these energies.

I responded-- so then the body is sacred?

St. Germain –“Yes but only in so far as it provides a vehicle for the soul.  Pray-- Holy Father guide me to the light of my soul, to the task I have agreed to carry out in this physical vehicle. Body is only the vehicle. The soul is the rider.”


“Holy Father, peace comes quickly to me from the unseen realm. I acknowledge that I am peace. I am not a body; I am light walking beside other light beings and I am supported  by the love of the Father. Amen.