The Prayer Circle

Question of the week: St. Germain is willing to answer at least one question  from my subscribers each time I post.  This week the question comes from a woman who feels as if  she has experienced  moments  of altered reality or déjà vu.( having a strong sensation that an event being experienced now has happened in the past.)

I asked St. Germain about this.

St. Germain replied,  "as you know from our earlier discussions there is no time. Alternate reality is a form of altered consciousness in which one person is momentarily put into a remarkable state of remembering past events. This happens often, but not many are aware when it occurs."

I asked about  déjà vu and he replied,  "yes again, there is an altered consciousness and this is often a remembrance of what has occurred in this lifetime or another. One experiences these events often, and they are somewhat unsettling to some people."  He went on to say that most people miss these messages. The  person asking this question now recognizes that she is having  these experiences of déjà vu  and will be more aware of them in the future.

Send me your questions and I will select one each week.

The Prayer Circle:

I recently did a channeled session in which the topic was the shape of a circle. The most interesting part of this  discussion concerns the prayer circle. If you are like me, you belong to a church group or another type of spiritual gathering  where the members form a  prayer circle either at the beginning of the meeting or at the end. Everybody holds  hands and the names of those people who need help are spoken and placed inside the circle.  Prayers  are said.  Here I share  a part of the channeled session:

In this session  a circle formed in the upper worlds including St. Germain, the Archangel Raphael and a number of other angelic beings including my guardian angel and myself.   St. Germain said, "this circle represents the light of the world and the connection to all.  The symbol-- and he showed me a circle, is the most powerful in the universal symbology and we begin to work with it in imagery."

I asked  if we were also talking about spirals and he said,  "spirals are a type of circle. The  planetary bodies are also circles, the shape of one’s head is a circle,  and a ball is a circle which unites all who  play with it. Circles form in the ocean and in the sand." He continued to say, " we can heal the planet with this shape. When a group of people form a  human circle they bring energy and universal power to the place, and this brings energetic healing. And so, the prayer circle is an energetic vortex reaching  into the upper worlds. It is like a funnel of energy which we acknowledge.”

This made me pause  by the reference to an energy vortex.  We all need to remember that prayer is powerful.

He continued and said  "and so we pray, as we form the circle of love for each other, we also unite our energetic connection with all other beings on the planet and in our smaller world. We acknowledge the power of this connection we have made both symbolically and energetically. We pray for those in our personal circles and the greater good of the planet and the universe. We do not  in any way think that this is not one of the most powerful actions we perform as a group. And so, we bless the world, and use the energetic circle to create love. Amen."

About the Painting - This was painted wet into wet and as the paper dried I added layers of circles and spirals. The center circle is silver and  I allowed the pink to bleed out of the heart.  The concept was the prayer circle-- the hands joined to heal the heart or soul of another human being. The circles represent continuation of life and connection with both people and nature.   It is an intuitive painting  because the goal was only to express the message in visual language.  I allowed it to spontaneously happen without my  mind getting in the way!