I will begin with the subject of forgiveness and end with a question from a reader.

I am a longtime student of the "Course in Miracles," and one of my favorite phrases in the book is “forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.”  The topic of forgiveness came up in one of my recent channeling sessions.  There were four words used in describing forgiveness and those words were harmony, love, light and forgiveness. St. Germain says,

"All past hurts that have occurred in the physical world are not worth keeping.  A responsible soul will never hold the drama of a particular situation and not release it to the light.”

All of us have had  opportunities to forgive. I can speak from personal experience, that it is one of the hardest things to do.

In 2005 I left a marriage which was emotionally abusive. It only lasted  5 years, but it tested my ability to practice forgiveness.  I clearly recall many painful experiences, but this one example remains in my mind.

We were in California as a guest on the Carol DuVal Show in Burbank, California on HGTV.  After the show's taping my husband and I drove up the California Coast to  a beautiful B&B in San Luis Obispo.  I reached over to change the radio station which had  become static.   My husband began to scream and yell at me for changing the station. I defended myself verbally, and as I spoke he began to lose control of the car which began to swerve. He was so angry I feared  we would run off the road.  After the screaming, he became completely silent and did not say one word for 24 hours.  Silence is also abusive.  When we arrived at the B&B, I did all the talking but I was dying inside from the pain of the behavior and abusive silence.   My husband lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. There was no conversation. I clearly remember leaving the B&B alone,  wandering through town and buying the book entitled,  “Men who Hate Woman.”

The turning point for me was the day I sat in my bathroom, to avoid my husband's wrath, writing in my journal.   The bathroom was the only place I could read a spiritual book in peace because he was un-accepting of my interest in God. I fell down on my knees and spoke to God. I said, "please help me for I cannot stay in this relationship any longer."  In the Bible Jesus said, "Ask and you shall receive, " and I experienced a moment of heightened spiritual awareness and calmness.  This allowed me to feel true forgiveness--not only for him, but also for myself in deciding to leave the marriage.  I truly forgave this man.

The end of the story is this--   this event occurred on our honeymoon. Five years later I left my home with my art and personal possessions stuffed in my little car. I had no job and very little money, but I was at peace, and through this experience I learned how to practice forgiveness.  You might say, I  practiced forgiveness every day for five years. It is the practice that makes  the difference.  The Ascended Master Saint Germain has reminded me of this many times.  He also said that we ( in physical bodies) cannot imagine the incredible power of forgiving another human being.

During this channeled session Saint Bridget stepped forward and  placed her arms around me and said, "We speak to you of the universal principle of forgiveness, harmony, and everlasting love. This is the basis of all life. To hold these in the highest level of understanding and love is the goal for all of you. The word forgiveness has a deep vibration and when spoken brings healing to the soul. We ask that the words forgive, love, and harmony be joined in a way that holds energy. This energy goes out  and  heals the sender and as well as the receiver."

Saint Bridget said this prayer for us to repeat,“Holy Father I create harmony in my life and that of others by sending forgiveness and love to them. As I pray I see the word forgiveness become light, and as it radiates and pulsates out to the world around me,  I forgive the world and all beings of the world. As you forgive, the light permeates the energy field and creates harmony which perpetuates the greatest gift of all—universal love.”

I work with clients going through this type  of struggle. It may seem like an endless journey, but when it ends in forgiveness and one moves forward with life, you will realize that you have been given the greatest gift of all.

And now I will address a question from a reader. Thank you for this good one!

The question I received concerns the site of the spiritual realms. This person asked where are the spiritual worlds?

This question was first answered by St. Germain. “All realms exist simultaneously in the same place. Do you understand? I answered that I did not understand.  He said the realm in which this discussion is taking place is one of a higher vibration and dimension, but it does not take up space. Spirit is everywhere and nowhere you might say."

Jesus stepped forward to say more about this.

“I can describe this child as the layers of an onion. As I peel off the outer layers, which are the protective coat, I go deeper into the center of the plant.  And so, the heart of the dimension in which we exist ( meaning spiritual dimension)   is at the center of the onion-- not above or around it. We go in, and  not out.  At the center of the onion there exists energy which creates and supports the growth of the plant. As you exist in the physical dimension, so do the inner realms which do not have form, but support you and the others now present in physicality."

I answered that I did have a better understanding.

 As always I welcome your questions and send you all love from my home to yours.   Jane