Art is Prayer-Art Journaling

Art Journal
Art Journal

There was point in my life when I realized that art and spirituality would be inseparable for me. Here is the story:

I was sitting in the library where I was attending art school. I was studying art history in one of those small cubicles, and I said to myself with some frustration, “when will I be able to express my deep love and connection to the spiritual world using my art?” Immediately a loud voice responded, “concentrate on technique and the expression of your deeper beliefs will emerge in your art.”

Shortly after that experience, I began to experiment with intuitive painting.   Using a wet into wet watercolor technique in which the paint flows over the surface of damp paper, the artist must patiently stand by and let the image happen by gently touching places with the brush and tipping the paper in different directions. The painting below is an example of this type of painting.  This is a way of tapping into the deeper self, but was not completely satisfying.

Two Worlds Intuitive painting
Two Worlds Intuitive painting

One day I realized that art journaling, which I have done for a decade, is the perfect marriage of art and soul.  An art journal is a record of your immediate thoughts,  feelings, and images recorded in a book.   Creating a journal like this is a way to let go, forget all the rules of art, forgettime, and pray.

Beginning an art journal practice is one way to connect with a deeper place.   Like a dream, an art journal entry will open a secret door and show the unconscious parts of you.  Everything in this inner life emerges as you journal, the imagination is fully activated, and you can let go and bypass the mind which wants to make art that is perfect.  Looking back at a journal provides a road map of how far you have come on the spiritual journey.

Saint Germain loves the expression of art and words. He seems to know I have a passion for art and thus often instructs me to draw and paint certain images that have been channeled.

One day during a channeling session  Saint Germain asked me to draw ten circles labeled in 10 ways beginning with myself and ending with God.  I  was instructed to explain my feelings about the circles and include the words with the images.  I intuitively reached for my art journal.  I share my interpretation of the circle labeled God.  The expression does not have to be a finished work of art.

My  first thought and visual interpretation of the word God.
My first thought and visual interpretation of the word God.

I will be teaching a class in art journaling—no experience in art is required—only an open mind and willingness to tap your inner wisdom through the process of playing.

Just as words are powerful, so are images, colors and numbers. These are Universal symbols and a powerful message on the pages of your journal.

How to start: a simple journal:  

Spiral Art Journal
Spiral Art Journal

I like the ones with a spiral spine because you can attach objects to the spine.  A journal is purchased with either watercolor or plain paper. Most of mine have plain paper inside. I paint the cover with Gesso which  has some tooth and will allow images adhere to the surface with a bit of matt medium or glue..

Decorate the cover with  collage papers, paint or magazine cut outs.

Seal the cover with gel medium

Write and decorate a page a day.

Use any art material you like. I prefer colored inks, oil pastels, and colored pencil.

In the Fall I will be teaching Art Journaling at Maryland Hall for the Arts here in Maryland.   I will use  verbal prompts  to start the art and words to flowing.   Then the fun begins as we see what our creations are saying to us.


A question for Saint Germain from a reader.

How does one develop the ability to see, hear and see spirit?

Saint Germain says the ability to feel spirit is the first gift one usually receives. This is Clairsentience, or clear feeling.   He says a spirit message delivered through feeling, smell, taste, or other body sensations such as cold and hot comes like “an arrow,” He tells us to be a “hunter of sensations.” Everyone is sent messages but we have to acknowledge them when they come.

In my own experience I have felt body sensations—even as profound as a hand on my upper back pressing me forward.  The other more common sensation is smell.  I often get the scent of gardenia and I know that is my father who is in spirit telling me he is ok.

I will talk about the other Clair’s in another newsletter. There will be a full chapter on this subject in the book I am writing with Saint Germain.

I send love to you all and hope some of you will start a journaling practice.   I hope some of you will sign up for my class. I promise you an experience!