Hosting The Angels

  Hosting the angels was a deeply moving experience for my family.  My husband and I had the opportunity to host the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron for five days. We agreed to take part in this hosting which began in 2010 in the city of New York through someone’s spiritual guidance.  This person said that these visits would affect the world as knowledge of the angels spread.

At first I was a little hesitant however I checked in with my personal guides including St. Germain and he said that this was absolutely the real thing. So I began to prepare for the Angels by setting up a small altar with a candle and white flower. My husband and I put our intentions in an envelope and left it on the altar.

The night they arrived --at exactly 10:30 pm a large helicopter with flashing lights flew over our house. I have to admit that we were a little startled and my husband turned to me and said, “if that helicopter lands in our front yard I’m going to faint.” It did not land in our front yard but it did seem like a sign that  asked us to pay attention--- we are here!!

During the five days the Angels were with us there was wonderful energy in the house. During this time I channeled St. Germain as I always do every week. This was the best part of the Angels visit.

St. Germain said that we would set aside our normal conversation in order that I have the opportunity to speak directly with the Archangels. During this session I was given a vision of how present these angelic beings are in our lives.

I said to St. Germain, do you realize that I have Angels here in my home?

St. Germain – Yes, they are enjoying your energy and home. Today he said we will dine with the Angels and you will have an opportunity to know them better.

Suddenly I was seeing a banquet hall with long tables stretching as far as the eye could see filled with angelic beings. They did not have wings.  They were all dressed in white.

St. Germain said,” This is the Archangel Gabriel to address and honor you.

Gabriel responded and said, “Dear heart we see you in your home and in your place of work which brings peace and love too many souls. Know that all you must do to reach us is to call. I am here to guide your visual and written accounts of the beliefs you hold and share.”

The other Angels came forward one by one.  Uriel and Michael  showed  me that they were working with one of my family members on a petition for help.   The Angel Metatron came forward. He took my hands and turned me around to look at the banquet hall and the tables that were filled with angels.  He removed the wall behind the tables. This allowed me to see into infinity. The tables and angelic beings continued as far as I could see and this brought tears to my eyes.

Suddenly I lifted upwards and was looking down upon the streets around my home and neighborhood and saw the Angels attached to all those in physical bodies. I was told that the number of Angels far outnumbers the population of human bodies. To me it looked like hundreds of Angels for each person because the street was filled with light. I looked down upon the local playground and the children were surrounded by angelic beings so dense that I can hardly describe it in words. The Archangel Metatron continued to say that to sense them we need to lift our vibration higher and they must descend to meet us.

I thanked the Angels. St. Germain ended the session by praying

Holy Father; we remember that all beings of light – human spirits in bodies, Angels, and guides are interconnected in a beautiful tapestry of love and light. See oneself surrounded by this love which is provided to you for your growth and spiritual unfoldment.  Blessings to you.

So the end of the story is really this--it is not necessary to formally host the Angels although I think it brings attention to these beautiful heavenly beings.  The real story is that they are with us all the time in large numbers and all we need to do is ask for their help.  Each of us has at least one guardian angel and often another group working with us for a special purpose. Know that all you have to do is ask and they will come.


Question From a Reader:

One of my readers has requested an answer to this question. The question is about God. The reader asks, we are God because God is in us, but is God greater than us or are we all equal?    What about gender—does God have a gender?

St. Germain answered. This is an excellent question and one we will address. God is all there is including the celestial bodies, the universe, the material and spiritual worlds. God is you. All parts of God are equal but the source of this energy is greater than its parts. Do you understand?

Jane – How much bigger is the source?

St. Germain – There is no size to be defined as the source is in constant motion sending energy outward to support the universe.

Jane – Is this source male or female?

St. Germain – There is no gender associated with that which is all powerful and holds and maintains the structure of such a vast and unlimited space.

Jane – I mentioned that he always starts prayers with the Holy Father?

St. Germain – Yes, with some humor. This is only to have a manner of speech which feels comfortable for you. We will now say Holy Father, Holy Mother, or Holy Source of all that exists.

Love and Blessings to you all,