Dream Classroom

Dreaming Classroom
Dreaming Classroom

Did you know you were attending class at 2 AM this morning?    Read this fascinating discussion  with the Master Saint Germain about dreams.

There is also a great question about UFO's.

I asked Saint Germain if we always leave our bodies at night.

Saint Germain-  “Almost all souls do this naturally and to be encased or restricted in the body is unhealthy. It is imperative that the soul leave to return to the real home and continue with their educations. The spiritual world is a large classroom and it prepares you for the road ahead. And so, there are classes here.  One chooses a curriculum designed by you and your Council of Elders.”

The Council of Elders is a group of spirits assigned to aid you in making decisions about the type of physical experience you choose prior to your birth. They also watch your progress while you are here and then conduct a life review when you leave the body and return to spirit.   In my readings and shamanic work I am often offered the opportunity to speak to someone’s council and it is always a conversation that sheds light on many issues  of concern for my client.

St. Germain continues to say, “During the physical experience it is necessary to continue with the previous curriculum to have what you might say, is a refresher course. Therefore, all physical beings are encouraged to come back for more instruction.”

This refresher course he explains to me is conducted when we dream.  I asked if this education is required?

St. Germain- “There is no force, only strong encouragement from one’s guides. To delay the instruction is to hold oneself back in the path to a greater understanding.”

I expressed concern about those people unable to dream.

Saint Germain- “Those who are afraid to dream are the ones who do not sleep well. They purposely avoid the travel so important to their soul’s growth.”

Exercise:    Assistance for those who cannot dream.

Saint Germain- “Write a letter with a list of all things you need help with.  You will receive an answer in some way within a short time.  Be observant of the signs you receive. Your guides will respond.”

There are signs everywhere as you move through your day.  Pay attention to numbers, particularly repeating numbers you see more than once.  Be observant of nature around you. One morning I was walking in my neighborhood pondering an issue and two eagles swooped down over my head. The Eagle is my spirit animal so I knew this display of flight was a message for me in that moment.

“Place your thoughts on the table before going to sleep and ask these thoughts to speak to you in the dream state while the body is left behind.”  Saint Germain

Question from a reader:

Are there  other sentient beings in the Universe and are UFO's visiting planet earth?

Saint Germain- "There are too many worlds in the matrix of the universe to even express in words. There are living beings in thousands of planetary bodies. Some are very advanced, and are able to instantly travel to other worlds. Earth has, and will continue to be visited by others. This is not an issue to engender fear. A world capable of reaching the other planetary systems is far advanced in technology and spirituality.  Most are far more enlightened than those on planet earth ."

He continued to say that they are so advanced  spiritually that there would never be a case where they would harm us.

Please remember that you are never alone in this world. There are helpful guides and angels all around you.    Love, Jane

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