Do you believe in fairies?  My grandmother told me many stories about them, but  I also have my own personal experience with these spirits of the earth. On my family's property in Tourmakeady, Ireland there stood a fairy tree for centuries. In Ireland a Hawthorn tree is  a fairy tree. If a road is directly in the path of a fairy tree, the Irish government will build around the tree and not cut it down. These trees are  sacred  and considered the domain of the fairies.  Through out Ireland you might see these trees decorated with ribbons which are left as offerings to the fairy kingdom. There is  a photo below showing a tree decorated with offerings .

Fairy Tree
Fairy Tree

Many centuries ago one of my ancestors tried to cut down the fairy tree.  Although he tried many times, not a mark was left on the trunk and the tree stood tall and proud. Then, back in the 1980's My family's fairy tree in Tourmakeady was destroyed by a storm. On my recent trip to Ireland my cousin Padraic explained  to me that he had replanted the tree with the help of his three brothers. He asked me if I would like to see the tree and of course I answered yes. We hiked down to shores of Lough (Lake) Mask and  when we arrived at the tree he said he considered all the talk about fairies  just stories, as fairies did not really exist. He continued to say that when he planted the new tree it tipped too far in one direction. He told his brothers that it was necessary to re-plant the tree as he feared it was not stable. The brothers were not pleased but my cousin Padraic insisted.

I said to my cousin, "your special care taken in the planting of this tree will be rewarded by the fairies. I believe deep in your heart, that you are a believer." He shrugged and we looked at each other -- standing there in the quiet  presence of the lake we shared a special moment where no more conversation was needed..

Offerings to the Fairies
Offerings to the Fairies
An amazing personal experience with  the fairies

in December of 2012 my husband Don and I were trying to sell our house and down-size into a smaller one. This same  house had been on the market before and had not sold. As we were struggling to sell we searched for a new home. To our surprise the perfect cottage came on to the market. We felt compelled to buy the small cottage. This house was in the same neighborhood and it was exactly what we wanted. Christmas came and went and In January 2013 we were concerned about carrying two houses longer than anticipated. I made the decision, as a shaman to journey to the sale of my house and see if the spirits could offer any help.

This is the amazing story of what happened:

I used to the drums to get into a deeply relaxed state.  I asked for help in selling the large house. My guides walked with me to the to the small cottage. One guide instructed me to place my hand on the trunk of a 200-year-old oak tree which sat in the middle of the back yard. My other arm stretched out and laid in a bowl held by my guardian angel. I saw a white substance come pouring out of the tree into my right arm and then exit into the bowl through the left. In the back of the cottage's yard another guide gathered something from the plants and placed this in a small pouch.

We proceeded to walk back to our large house. The content of the bowls were emptied into all closets and rooms. The bowl's content was released inside and outside. Streams of light filled the street.  My guides said the neighbors would feel lovely energy, and that barriers were placed in front of some of the problem areas on the street.

That night as I shut off all the lights to go to sleep, I could see small lights all over the upstairs. I was stunned as I have never seen anything like this. I closed and opened my eyes a few times but the dark room was lit with what looked like stars. The lights remained suspended in air for about two minutes and I heard my guides say to me, "just so you know this is real."

The next day our real estate agent called and told us a couple was coming to see the house on January 11 at 1 PM.  I knew immediately that the house was likely to sell and it did. Numbers, particularly certain number sequences are signs. The first month of the year equals 1. The day was 11 and the time 1 PM. This is a powerful number sequence of 1111.

A week later we met with the people vacating the small house we had purchased. I commented to them that I loved the garden in the back of the house surrounding the oak tree. They said friends called it their fairy garden. Little did they know how right they were!!!!!!!