Spiritual Practitioners-What to look for

My work as a psychic medium and shaman was featured in our local paper recently. The headline was –This Psychic does not give Departure Dates. It made me think about all the stories shared with me by my clients  concerning their experiences with psychic mediums and other intuitive healers..  I have decided to share my thoughts on this subject. For the purpose of this post, I will refer to myself and all others in this work as spiritual practitioners or intuitives.

The best way to find a spiritual practitioner you can trust is through family, friends and colleagues who have had a positive experience. If you do not have these personal referrals, spend some time talking to the practitioner first. Web – sites and blog posts can give you a good snapshot of the person, since website content should reflect who they are.

A good intuitive has your best interests at heart. They have been called by spirit to serve you and find solutions to issues that may be holding you back from your life's purpose. These issues include obstacles related to past life situations or soul loss.

Most importantly, they must come to this work from a place of love and connection to God. Look for this important clue.

Nobody knows the time of death. To suggest a departure date is too horrible to even express in words, but it is done. God and you make that decision. Like most intuitives,  I can "read" the energy of the person I am working with and sense poor health.  Suggesting a visit to see their doctor is a good way to discuss the situation, but nothing more should be offered.

Dark energy and demons do exist. I would be naïve not to affirm its existence. Even the Catholic Church acknowledges this, and teaches priests to perform the right of exorcism. However, that being said, it is not common. Remember, you are guided and loved by your Guardian Angels and guides. They never leave your side and work to keep you safe. There are more of them than us. If you fool around with a Ouija board, or embrace the dark forces, your protection is weakened. As a general rule – – live a good life helping others, associate with loving souls, be good to your family, practice forgiveness in everything. Stay in the light and no discarnate entity can affect you. Create a strong relationship with the spirits that surround you. Talk, pray to them often. They want to help you.

A good intuitive has the wish to lift you up – to give you tools to improve your situation; not to create worry and fear by offering predictions of doom and gloom. Don't buy predictions of bad luck. Look for positive solutions instead.

Reasonable fees. A psychic reading takes time. A practitioner cannot do a good job in 15 minutes and I don't think folks offering this quickie  reading have your best interest at heart. I also question the 30 minute quickie.

Most spiritual practitioners will work with folks who really need their service but cannot afford the entire fee. As long as there is an energy exchange between the intuitive and you that is fair, adjusting the fee  should be a possibility.

Finally – – you have a higher self and can raise your own vibration to reach knowledge contained in the spirit realm. It does, however, take a commitment to daily meditation or prayer, and reaching out to communicate with your own spiritual advisors. I think it is important for you to know that everyone has this ability. Your Angels and guides love to have a conversation with you. It is all about relationship.

When I asked  Saint Germain to comment on the content of this post, Jesus stepped forward instead and said:

The physical world is filled with those who aspire to be a conduit for spirit. They, however, are not always ready to assume the position, and have not been acknowledged by us here. They simply assume the role of advisor and do much damage to those individuals genuinely seeking guidance and direction. One must be love embodied and chosen by us. Without this strong association with the unseen realm there is no substance. This validation is necessary for trust. – Jesus

Question from a reader – – do animals have souls?

Yes, animals possess a soul, but one of their kingdom. There are different kingdoms – – plants, animal and man. The soul of an animal is infinite, and like you, these beings return in your bodies. – – St. Germain