Angel Stories

The Angel said," Just give till the Master stops giving to you."
The Angel said," Just give till the Master stops giving to you."

I love angel stories. The older I get the more aware I am of the incredible presence of Angels and guides in our lives. I say this all the time – – there are more of them than us-- never hesitate to ask for help.

My Angels show up in a dramatic way when I am in trouble. About 20 years ago I was traveling home from an art workshop with a bunch of women. I was not the driver. We were in an over loaded ban on Route 95 going north towards Virginia. It was Sunday and the traffic was very heavy. The van blew a flat tire and the driver turned the wheel to pull off the road. We sat there quietly, knowing none of us was capable of changing the tire, and there was no spare. Almost immediately, a young Catholic priest dressed fully in his black cassock pulled over to help us.  He pulled a tire out of his car, and although he wore this long gown he replaced the tire in just minutes. We said over and over – – "you must be an Angel? " We joked--"did God send you to us today? You are  an Angel!" Can we compensate you or send money to your church? He just smiled. I asked for the name of his parish but he said he was a new priest and had not been assigned to a church yet. He was gone as fast as he arrived and he wouldn't tell us who he was. We talked about the Angel all the way back to Virginia!

My second experience was more harrowing. I was alone traveling north on the Washington Beltway from Virginia to Maryland on a busy Saturday afternoon. There were torrential rains and the afternoon sky was as dark as night. I was coming around a fast turn. I was in the inside lane with three lanes to my right. I could not see the cars  coming up on my right hand side because of the rain. All of a sudden I had no power. My engine went dead and the steering wheel turned suddenly to the right as my car glided  across three heavy lanes of traffic and ended up on one of the only grassy areas on this side of the  Washington Beltway. It happened so fast I could not even think. I placed my head down on the steering wheel and said, thank you God, and  immediately I  felt the presence of the Angels around me.

My third experience concerned my husband's daughter and my step – daughter. My husband was estranged from her for more than a year, and deeply hurt by this. I had prayed fervently during this year to the Archangel Michael,who is the Archangel of hopeless causes to please mend the separation between them. One evening as I was teaching a class at the local college, I had a deep knowing that my prayers  were answered. When I arrived home that night, every light in our house was on, and my husband met me at the door with a big smile. His daughter had stopped by and they had talked for hours and buried the differences. This relationship has been wonderful for the past five years since this occurred. I have always felt that the Archangel Michael interceded on this one.

There is a wonderful book called the Gnosis and the Law written by Tellis S. Papastavroand I will share a paragraph with you written by the Archangel Michael. This  is in part three, chapter 17, The Angelic Kingdom.

" The world of the Angels is a world of love – – a golden sea of pulsing, breathing, radiant flame, with the cherubim and seraphim to disporting themselves in the living heart and  bosom of the father. The only pathway to the actual experiencing of their personal presence is love – – but this love must be clothed in great inner peace and tranquility, as if your innermost being was a sea of blue water and your consciousness a lotus flower opening to the son of God, resting on the blue sea and pouring forth the radiance of its Being. Dwelling  thus  in an inner tranquility and poise, you may step on soft, reverent. feet at any moment into the presence of the Angels, but the least emotional unrest or nervous tension closes the door temporarily to their presence." Archangel Michael

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