Messages From the Ascended Master Saint Germain- A Workbook of Spiritual Steps to Grow Your Soul

This is a channeled text.
This is a channeled text.

 “This book is unique as it requires effort on the part of you, the reader. This is a book for those on a path to realizing their own being and who they may become. We open doors for you. This requires action on your part. This is not a relaxing story to numb the body and mind, but a workbook demanding full participation.”  Saint Germain

Many of you know my story.  One morning I was awakened by a loud voice screaming at me “Arise arise and hear the Clarion call for one and for all.”  Because I am clairaudient and hear spirit, I knew this was a spirit trying to get my attention.

I had no idea who it was—only that the voice was the loudest spirit voice I had ever encountered.   The first three sentences spoken to me by Saint Germain after my wake up call were:

“Holy Father, I am remembering now that I am a holy spirit and everyone I see is pure love.”

“Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.”

“We will write a workbook together.”

I am announcing the availability of this channeled work book which I have been writing with the Master since August of 2013.  It is both a conversation and a workbook.

I chose many of the questions in the book  because I wanted to know what an Ascended Master would offer as an answer. I tried to keep the words and sentence structure as close to Saint Germain's way of speaking.

If you are new to the spiritual path, you will see information that will be new to you.  Some will see the information in a new light. The work book exercises are challenging. They come directly from Saint Germain with no editing on my part.

I feel deeply blessed to have been chosen to write this lovely book.  As the last 14 months have passed, I have found myself growing closer to Saint Germain.  Together we have helped many people know themselves better –particularly on a soul level.   I am deeply grateful every day for this gift.

The link to the book is

I will have a permanent link on my web-site home page soon.  You’ll see on the Amazon site that this is not my first book—I was known at one time as a very good hooker!  --- Rug Hooker that is!  I just had to throw that comment in!

I would love to see your comments, and if you enjoy the book please add a comment to the Amazon web-site underneath the area where the book is posted on the Amazon site.

Sending love and blessing to all of you and together lets send some love to the world as well.  Love, Jane