Curses and Spirit Attachments

Halloween Moon
Halloween Moon

Curses and Spirit  Attachments

Halloween is a proper time to talk about curses and spirit attachments. As a trained shaman and spiritual medium, I am often consulted about this subject.  Many people are sure that their lives are destroyed by a recent curse or even one dating back in their family’s history.  There is a certain drama attached to the conversation about this subject.   I can almost see the closed doors and whispers.

I have decided to share with you what the Masters have to say about this subject.   When I asked the question of Saint Germain, he brought forward the Archangel Michael and Yeshua.

The Archangel Michael said, “There is evil in the world, but to be vulnerable to a curse requires that yourself believe there is such a thing. Curses are self-imposed and come from a root of fear.  Curses are one of the most difficult issues to deal with. The culture creates the curse. There are those who benefit from the discussion of evil. The removal of a curse begins in the mind of the person believing they are attacked."

Yeshua said, "a curse is an invisible and illusory condition. This is not always what it seems and comes from within and not from without.”

So I commented with a question-- So the world is fearful??

Yeshua answered me saying, “There is only light—once again, you make the light dark. The world is not real.  This is real—where you see me and Saint Germain. The atonement is the essence of life. The secret to peace and lessons well learned. It is the peak of the mountain and all that understand this have power to change the world.”

Note- The word atonement means "at-one-ment."   It refers to the important principle  that we are all  connected to each other and one in God.

Now there is also the word attachment and this is different from a curse.  An attachment is either very benign or somewhat sinister.  There are souls who have physically died but their astral bodies hang on to the physical side.  One of the most interesting experiences I had with this was about 20 years ago.  I  helpeda family who were sure their house was haunted. When I walked through the house I felt the presence of a dis-embodied spirit. I determined, in connecting with the energy, that this was a young child who had died in this place.   I was perplexed because the home was in a brand new housing development.   In researching the property  we discovered that the home sat on top of the old Underground Railroad where slaves were hidden on the way to the northern states.   This was a benign and harmless attachment to the place and we were able to send this soul to the light.

Another type of attachment may involve dark energy.  Individuals with weak energy fields or auras are susceptible to spirits who linger in the astral field.  These spirits are also called tricksters.  Using drugs or excessive alcohol can make you weak.  These substances interfere with your field. They can create tears in the fabric of your protection. Saint Germain says that even smoking interferes with your energy field and takes away your strength.    If you are strong, you are in control and can firmly demand that the spirit leave.  You are never a victim. If you keep up the integrity of your energy field there is nothing to fear.

Have a wonderful Halloween and don’t over indulge on all that chocolate!!!

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