Animals as Spiritual Beings

Notice the orb on her right ear. She really is an angel!!
Notice the orb on her right ear. She really is an angel!!

My husband Don and I own a 4-year-old Border Collie named Sissy. Sissy is definitely the queen of the house.  You can see her in the picture above.   I had the urge one day to speak to Saint Germain about animals. It was a lovely discussion with him.  The beginning of the conversation began after I saw Saint Germain and Yeshua surrounded with animals.  Yeshua had a lamb. My previous dog, Sage, who is in spirit dragged my pink bathrobe into this scene!

Jane – why do animals have short lives?

St. Germain – They have many short lives my dear. The soul of an animal recycles through body quicker than you do.

Jane – How long do animals stay in the spiritual world?

St. Germain – That is a decision which varies for each creature. It is determined by communication with them. What would be their desire?

Jane – Do animals mingle with us in the afterlife?

St. Germain – Yes, animals of all kinds are here. Dogs and cats spend much time with their masters. Animals find their previous owners and the relationship continues in spirit. When you decide to return to body they often go with you.

Jane – Do they reincarnate?

St. Germain – Yes they do.

Jane – Do they take on any other form when they reincarnate?

St. Germain – No, animal souls are highly evolved beings who stay in the animal kingdom.

Jane – Can you explain what you mean by highly evolved?

St. Germain – Yes, they offer unconditional love but to a much greater level than most realize. The love is truly one of complete connection with the human soul they have chosen.

Jane-How do they choose this human soul?

St. Germain – They are in most cases directed and assisted to the right match.

Jane – What about bad owners and people who abuse animals?

St. Germain – This is also an experience the animal needs to grow. Just like you are given opportunities to challenge your soul, so  are animals.

Jane – What about my little dog Sage who died 2 years ago.  I rescued him-- did he choose me?

St. Germain – Yes, he chose you and your sister, but he knew you had a greater need for the kind of love only he could give.

Jane – My husband Don would like to know if his other two deceased border collies plus the border collie we own now are the same soul?

St. Germain – No, these animals are not the same soul.

Jane – Can we ask that the same animals soul  be returned to us?

St. Germain – You may ask, but the animal best suited to your needs is the one chosen. Spiritual guidance is provided forin order that the match is perfect.

Jane – What about my dog Sissy.  Can you tell me more about her?

St. Germain – She offers the deepest energy an animal can give and she is an old soul as animals  are also either young or old. The other dogs you mentioned were also older souls.

Jane – Can dogs and humans communicate telepathically?

St Germain- Animals know  emotions. To communicate with them telepathically one uses emotions, not words. So send love and kindness. Send them thoughts of gratitude and you will understand the communication that returns.

Prayer for the animals

Holy Father, we bless all creatures who walk the earth and love human souls. We send them gratitude for providing us with the energy of love every moment of our day. Hold them in your arms and keep them safe. We appreciate our best friends with no anger, rudeness, or ill thoughts.  They desire only our presence. May all who practice animal love be blessed. Amen

I have also done an audio on sound cloud that expands on the post. You can listen by going to -my sound cloud page. Just type in my name.

Love you all!