Aliens as Our Creators

Aliens—what part do they play in our lives—Question from one of my readers

I received a question  that I thought was very interesting.  When I posed this question to St. Germain I was surprised at the volume of information that came forward. The question was – what part do the aliens play in our life on earth. Are they our creators?  The answer is fascinating but also raises more questions.    I know already from a previous session with the Master that there are thousands of sentient beings on other planets and that they mean us no harm.  This is contrary to some of the public information seen on television. Saint Germain said that these other civilizations are so far ahead of us technologically and spiritually that they only want to help us.  So now to the rest of the story!

St. Germain said I welcome this inquiry.  The planet has had  a long history of growth  through the evolution of plants, animal, and mineral, to the introduction of the human species. The first upright creatures were baboons – and there are many who choose to believe they evolved into what you are today. This is untrue. Ancient civilizations from other planetary systems gathered together to plan and seed the earth. This followed the extinction of the dinosaur during the large event in which almost all life was destroyed on earth.

There is a Council of Galactic worlds that have worked in harmony together for eons of time. It is a special role to oversee the earth. These civilizations came together and placed their own DNA - which was a combination from all their worlds, on the earth in the form of new, young humans. The combination of DNA  was created specifically for your planet. It was with great pride and love that this act was done. It was acceptable to us here in the spiritual world as it was accomplished with love and goodness. The Galactic Council continued to foster the civilization that evolved from these first extraterrestrial seeds. The ancients sent souls – dressed in the earth garb to oversee human lives in select places.

St. Germain continued – Atlantis and pre Atlantis represented the first time seed beings began inhabiting the earth and having children.   This civilization was advanced but ultimately it fell. Some survived and continued to propagate. Egypt was the place sought out by many of the earlier Atlanteans and during the Egyptian dynasties there were extraterrestrial beings assigned to help. Not all was good or considered acceptable. There were corrections made in the DNA, but these were only clear in some souls. Others continued miss– use the soul’s purpose and their continuation on the planet evolved to create others who carried the same miss – coded genetic material. In your current world you are all-star beings you might say. All have interacted to create what is now the reality here on earth. The Galactic councils still visit, but are reluctant to make adjustments in the DNA of your bodies. They watch but do not intercede. They leave you alone and are observant.

I asked St. Germain about UFOs and the many sightings and documentation that exist from observers and pilots about their presence in our skies. When, will our government show the truth of the situation that we are not alone?

St. Germain chuckled for a moment and said this is control you see. The situation will not stay as over time more evidence of visitation will be recorded. There are members of the Galactic Council who stay on the earth as unseen visitors. They are visible to you when they uncloak their vehicles. Often they stay in remote areas and particularly mountain zones.

I mentioned to St. Germain that I have heard that  UFOs had been seen around nuclear power plants. Is this true?

He said yes, there is great concern over this and they may take control if it is determined that a threat exists to the planet. All members of the Galactic Council are elder souls who work with us in the spiritual world. We are guiding them as I guide you.

I asked St. Germain how long it took these members of the Galactic Council to come to earth or to return home.

There are primary ( more significant)  planetary bodies that work with the Council. Most come  from the outer rim of the Milky Way and beyond. It takes at least one earth year  to return home and this is why they stay here and rotate the responsibilities for watching and observing earth.

I asked him if I would ever see a UFO and he said he would see what he could do about that.

I asked St. Germain if we are one of the most primitive planets in terms of our advancements. He answered no, you are not. There are others in galaxies beyond this that are also watched. Earth is primitive in the context of other existing civilizations but not the most primitive

I want to thank the person who sent in the question.  For me. it brought up a host of other questions which I will ask Saint Germain at a later time.   Feel free to send me a question-- keep it general--not personal.

Sending you all love and light, Jane