Crossing Over after a Plane Crash

This past week we all watched the unfolding events after a German plane flew into the alps controlled by a suicidal co-pilot.  Like most of you I find  this hard to watch in the news.  I wondered what Saint Germain would say about crossing over from the perspective of a large group of people suffering trauma.   I think you will find this information comforting.

Jane –  The crash of the plane with 149 people on board in France has deeply affected me and made me wonder what happens when a large group of people die under traumatic circumstances?

 St. Germain – I  sense your deep feelings associated with is that this event and so we begin.

Saint Germain stepped aside and allowed the Archangel Raphael to step forward and answer my question.  Raphael is the  Archangel well-known as the healing angel carrying the green light.

Archangel Raphael -   Dear one, when many souls are on the doorway between the two worlds we are alerted ahead of time. There was an energetic signal sent to us here that such an event was about to occur. All such situations are known prior to the physical manifestation of an event. There are large numbers of souls who train to help in such a situation.. These souls are light workers and angels. Many  have experienced such an event themselves  in a earlier life. No person on this airplane felt physical pain. The emotional moments before were brief. The soul leaves the body before the impact you see. Immediately after the event hundreds of light beings are holding their energy fields  – - and I say survivors, because there is no death – – no death of the essence.

Jane – Are the survivors taken to a different place ?

Archangel Raphael – They are met by us in the same place as the crash site but in a vibration of higher levels. They immediately see themselves as safe and can stand in the rubble feeling whole. Much discussion on a deep level  follows to explain that the physical death has just occurred but a spiritual rebirth as well.  Deep love and care  follows and  all are taken to a higher level of energy and separated from each other in order to continue the healing.

 Jane – Do these survivors feel emotion?

 Archangel Raphael– Yes. There is no change in the personality of the individual. They do not see themselves at this critical point as a soul with many past physical experiences. They still remain the one person known in this particular incarnation. It takes time to process the event and settle into a new existence here.

Jane – What about the co-pilot?  How is he dealt with?

 Archangel Raphael– The same process is applied to the one who created the disaster however, more healing is required. This person does not know or fully understand what he has done in taking the physical lives of others. He will be cared for by a special team until the soul has been healed

Jane –  Is karma involved in this type of situation?  Was the event pre-ordained to occur in some of these individual's  life plans?

 Saint Germain returned and said  this is a complicated question. Some of the souls participating in the event chose a short life but did not know how it would end. Others were taken before their time you might say – before the previous decisions to stay were fulfilled. All these individual issues balance here. Great love and understanding are applied to bring healing and rest.

St. Germain went on to say that only the deepest love and respect is shown for each person. All deep trauma is healed before they will  be able to return to a physical body again.

I hope this brings you comfort as it did for me.   The most interesting part was understanding that the spiritual rescue team was ready before the event had even occurred.

Sending love to you all. Jane