A Conversation with an Extraterrestrial


I was working with a client a few weeks ago and discovered he had spent most of his lifetimes on a planet outside of our solar system where there was no need for verbal communication.  His wife shared that in their relationship he had always been very non—verbal.  As you can imagine, this had created some difficulties in their relationship. During the reading I learned there are many civilizations outside of planet Earth where there is no need for verbal discourse. Saint Germain said speaking is a nuisance in other worlds as their ability to manage and transfer thoughts is at the highest possible level.  These are very old and evolved souls who have learned the secret of non-verbal communication.  He went on to say these souls have no need for verbal discourse as it is simply a nuisance. They communicate at a level that is faster and more efficient.  Then he said,  "One cannot hide thoughts as one can words." 

This conversation is what led me to write this post. I asked Saint Germain if it would be possible for me to speak to an extraterrestrial and he said yes. He selected someone named Oahspe and I found it very easy to hear his voice and communicate with him.  Saint Germain does not speak in this conversation but he was present the entire time. So I offer you something very different in the following conversation.

 Oahspe greeted me by saying I was a perfected deep channel and he would enjoy speaking with me. Here is the complete conversation.

Jane – I am pleased to be able to have the opportunity to speak with you. I am very interested in disclosure. When will the United States government let us know we are not alone?

Jane’s note- disclosure would mean that our government would tell us we are not alone in the universe. Many of us believe this already based upon reports of UFO sightings all over the world.

He explained there is a Council which consists of members from other worlds called the Federation of United Planets. They meet frequently to discuss the topic of disclosure for earth. He said many on the Council have indicated their support for humans on earth to become enlightened. It was also clear to me from what he said  there are still some members on this Council who have not agreed on this issue.

Jane – Are you concerned about the future of Earth?

Oahspe - we are very concerned with your planet and some of us rotate to a position where we attend (pay attention) to the earthly plane. We watch and listen – both to learn the readiness of your people but also to discern the state of human communities in reference to embracing the Creator.

When he says creator he’s referring to what we would call God. It was very clear to me during the conversation that those civilizations outside of Earth are probably more evolved than us.

Jane – Are planets outside of our solar system living in peace or conflict?

Oahspe - Most do not have conflict. This is only a concern for those planets still focused on themselves and not the unification of those who work within the Creator.

Jane – Are these planets that still have conflict waging war against each other?

Oahspe - Yes, but this conflict is minor in respect to the war-like nature of those on earth.

Jane – Are we the only planet with nuclear power?

Oahspe - There are planets who have possessed this technology but it has been replaced centuries ago by a power source much greater. Civilizations outside of Earth do not wage war against each other. The United Confederation is where love resides and open dialogue has been practiced. There are no secrets among us. We seek past the spoken word. Someday humans will evolve to this level.

Jane – So it sounds like you use thought transference rather than the spoken word?

Oahspe - Yes, that is most efficient.

Jane – I’ve always wondered if extraterrestrials ever shared their DNA with apes and in this way seeded the human species?

Oahspe - There have been many in the greater solar system involved with the growth of your species. Planet Earth is very young in respect to my world and the others in the Confederation. You are evolved directly from extraterrestrials. These sentient beings traveled to earth and remained on your planet. They had characteristics and body types compatible with the atmosphere. These were the Pleadians who volunteered to seed the planet with life of a higher nature. You did not evolve from apes.

Jane – Do you have bodies like us?

Oahspe - This varies greatly and depends on each planet’s position in the universe. Some worlds have evolved only to support inner terrestrial inhabitation; others might live on the surface. Our advanced technology has allowed the planets involved in the Federation to establish life on many formerly non-– inhabitable surfaces. The universe is teeming with life.

The conversation shifted to another subject.   I was able to clearly hear him and he was able to speak to me. I was also wondering if there were other people on earth who could be able to link up with extraterrestrials in this way.

He began to talk to me about something called conditioning. He said souls who reach a certain state (spiritual understanding) where they would be useful in generating intellectual communication as a channel receive conditioning.  He said they refer to it as blanket conditioning and say it is automatic. He said it is like preparing a radio receiver. So a person who has reached a certain level of seeking, (meaning those of us asking these kind of questions in search of the truth), will experience a transition in his or her mental awareness. As a person reaches this awareness he becomes aware of this conditioning wave. I asked him to please tell me more.

Oahspe - There have been experiments with souls who have a high interest in contact. Those who are seeking this connection with us are acknowledged by the Federation. These souls sense the higher energies. It is then allowed for us to provide what is called conditioning so that contact between species – human and other dimensional beings like ourselves can be achieved. There are many on planet Earth who can communicate with us because of this very unique energy we have shared.

He went on to say some of us here on earth and alive today have had extraterrestrial experiences in the past. He used the term integrated souls to refer to those individuals who have had contact. He continued to say these souls carry a marker which is part of their DNA. 

Jane – Why would individuals with previous experience on sophisticated planets want to reincarnate on earth?

Oahspe - Often they are there to teach, not to learn.

Jane – You mentioned the Creator? Do you have churches and religious institutions?

Oahspe - We smile as we recognize only one religion.  Our sources are energy and we are all connected energetically. Those of us who know this feel the vibration in a profound way and are filled with love and caring for all others. There is always an understanding of this connection through love. We work together in harmony to serve each other. We work together in harmony serve you. The Creator is in all of us – never ending and always present from the beginning of time

Jane’s note – the next time I speak to him I’m going to ask if some of the greatest individuals in our civilization came from other planetary bodies. I’m thinking of Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, and many others. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I will make an effort to speak to Oahspe again. I always appreciate your questions. Blessings to you all, Jane