A Conversation with An Extraterrestrial - Part 2

This is my second conversation with the Extraterrestrial named Oahspe.  Saint Germain invited him to the conversation.  In this meeting I was able to see him visually.  He is very thin and tall; perhaps 7 feet. His skull seemed much larger than ours and he was bald.  I think you’ll find this conversation very interesting.

Oahspe- Thank you for inviting me to this gathering so I might instruct and inform you about the outer worlds and the greater manifestation of life in the universe. We will begin.

Jane – This is a personal question.  It always bothers me when I hear about other people seeing UFOs in the sky and I never do. I’m always looking up in the sky especially in the morning and asking for a sighting.

Oahspe- Do not use this as a measure of our presence or absence, as there are great efforts to be hidden from the general population. It is why most sightings occur in more remote areas. The human species is not ready for the revelation.

Jane- This brings me back to a question I asked previously.  When will it be revealed we are not alone in the Universe?  Will this happen in my own lifetime? 

Oahspe- Our presence in the universe will soon to be revealed as there are many ongoing discussions now regarding the timing. It is likely to be during your life experience in your human body.

Jane-I asked a personal question that I’ll share with you all. I was told years ago I have lived on another planet. The name of the planet is Morphele and the inhabitants of this planet are referred to as morphelians.  I asked Oahspe if he could give me some information about this place.

Oahspe- This system and I say system is a group of planets—the Morphelians. They represent a large culture divided amongst a number of worlds smaller than Earth. They rotate around a central body. This system is many light years from Earth. In your heart you still yearn to return. There are many species living in harmony. Many choose to serve and are highly respected and work diligently to create peace for all.

Jane – Do you meditate? Is your meditation practice like ours?

Oahspe- Yes, but we meditate as a group. The power of silence is enhanced when five or more are gathered. The energy is linked and sent to the Creator and then returned. You must feel this when you are united with others in the silence.   One must clear the mind and be dedicated to this practice to receive the gift of direct connection with the Creator. This energy impacts every facet of your existence. It is critical that humans on your planet choose this practice.

Comments--- I found this very interesting. I have often meditated in a group and have always believed that the energy of the group is far more powerful than the individual, however, I may have missed the return of the energy.   As we seek to develop a personal relationship with God, we must watch for the response.  In all of Oahspe’s responses he refers to God as the Creator. When I asked the following question he became very animated and responded quickly.

Jane – Does everyone in your culture meditate?

Oahspe- Yes. It is taught to the young ones upon arrival. It is the key to a successful life.

Jane’s comments- I responded-- we are far behind you and he responded it was very disheartening to the Confederation that this was the case.

Jane – I asked about their physical appearance and the difference between their bodies and ours. I mentioned I had noticed his large skull.

Oahspe- Yes, we possess larger brain cavities. These have been developed over many eons of time.

Jane – Does this mean that your brain has a greater capacity than the human brain?

Oahspe- Yes, but only in certain areas. The ability to sense our environment, know the feelings of others, and exercise compassion. We process numbers and calculations like you do, however our technology is far advanced over earth.

Jane – Do you know Saint Germain, Jesus and other Saints and great Masters known to us here on earth?

Oahspe-This is a question that cannot be answered because of your limited ability to process it. I will simply say there is an organization of Masters in endless service to the Creator.

Jane – Were Einstein, Socrates, Tesla, Michelangelo, and the great builders of the Egyptian pyramids planted on earth from more sophisticated planets?

Oahspe- Yes. All births were planned to lead human beings to develop more rapidly. There are many who have agreed to take on an earth-based experience to instill new ideas and wisdom to your planet.

Jane – Are there worlds in the universe that still function at a level of self-interest, greed, and lack of understanding for the common good?

Oahspe- Yes, of course, but there are selected groups from the Confederation that work in harmony to see that the activities are always focused on the highest good and truth for all. This is the mission of the Confederation of United Planets.

Jane – It doesn’t sound like anybody on earth sits on that council?

Oahspe- No, it is too soon.

Jane – I heard someone mention a secret space program here on earth. Do you know about this?

Oahspe- Yes, it is through a small group working quietly with us here that your planet will be introduced to the great unification of cosmic living beings.

Jane’s comments-I thought this was very interesting but I didn’t pursue the line of questioning any further.

Jane – Can you tell me a little bit about your body’s lifespan and how this compares to human beings?

Oahspe- Every species living under the Creator are unique in their capacity to remain in a vehicle (body). Our vehicle is unique both externally and internally. The lifespan of human beings on earth is shorter than most. Those on earth are responsible for the shorter lifespan through the disrespect of the vehicle. The human form should continue past the year 100.

Jane’s comments- I found this fascinating. After I finished channeling I regretted that I didn’t ask him about their lifestyle in terms of food and exercise!  Maybe next time!

Jane – We have such problems in our world. There is war, separation, people killing other people, nuclear power plants and I could go on and on. Can the Federation help us?

Oahspe- You ask a meaningful question. Planet Earth lags behind the other worlds in the universe. We will say this – the Federation of United planets works diligently on the problems and has a presence in your skies. There are hidden bases on nearby planets including the moon. It is a priority to work with the human population.

Jane – Does the President of the United States know this?

Oahspe-No, he does not know. Your military generals and those in very high places possess this information. There is a high level of secrecy and very few are trusted.

The following paragraph is what he said to me as we closed our discussion.  He reached out and took my hand and it was very emotional for me. His hand is very different than mine. It is long and narrow. He laid it on top of my hand as Saint Germain looked on.

Oahspe- Thank you for your interest in speaking with me. This is pleasing to us. We seek out those like you to assist man in developing a universal consciousness of understanding; to step out of the limited view of most.  Thus one also makes connections with souls outside of their own genetic line and links are created.  We all are one with the Creator. Be very patient my dear.  Continue to love others and we will give you a gift--- the sight of one of our ships. 

So I guess the last chapter may happen when I finally have my sighting!  He did tell me that the ships of the Confederation are usually cloaked and invisible to us.

You can be sure about one thing-- I will be looking up!!!!   I hope you enjoyed this conversation. Blessings, Jane