An Encounter from Heaven

Some of you have probably heard the phrase-- some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season, and others for a lifetime. This blog post is about someone who entered my life for a reason. It is an amazing true story and is an example of how the spiritual world guides us. It is a long story, but the best part comes at the end.

In 2006 I was living in Portland Maine. I had been in a terrible marriage with a man who had a psychiatric disorder called borderline personality disorder or BPD. For three years I had struggled to find a level of comfort in the marriage and also to find a way to help my husband.  Once I found a family counselor I learned more about the disorder and how difficult it is to treat, especially in an older adult.  I tell you this to set the stage for the story.

I was living in Maine and one day I stepped into an Irish gift shop in the down town area of Portland.  I picked up a publication about Irish art. On the back cover it was an ad showing the work of Irish painter living in New York. For some reason I felt compelled to call the number to request a brochure. I never expected the artist himself to pick up the telephone.  We had a nice conversation and there was something the artist said to me that made me think he was a very spiritual man. I asked him, “Have you ever studied The Course in Miracles?” (For those not familiar with this book a description is posted at the end of this article.)   The artist was amazed that I was able to pick up on this information in such a short conversation and he shared he had read the book many times, and in fact, he was on his fourth hard copy.

I received his brochure and there was a gap in time before we had our next encounter.  A few months later we conversed by e-mail.  We shared a few e-mails about the Course in Miracles. Both of us loved this book.   One day I told him I was planning to leave my husband. I explained my husband’s Borderline Personality Disorder and refusal to get treatment. The artist was stunned at my remark because his wife also had this psychiatric condition. They had been divorced for a number of years.  Over a period of weeks leading up to my departure from Maine he was very supportive. The day before I left Maine to drive to Maryland I told him I would think of him as I drove by New York. He said, “you can't drive by New York without stopping to meet me and by the way--please stay overnight at my house”.   (There was no romantic connection here and the artist was much older than myself.)

The artist assured me that it was safe to stay with him and that in fact I could sleep in his gallery on the pullout couch. I decided to take him up on that offer. When I arrived in New York  I pulled up to a beautiful red barn in the country.  He lived and painted in this barn. When I met the artist I was overwhelmed by love —the kind of love you would have for someone who was a lifelong friend.  It is difficult to describe.  I felt as if I had known him forever.   I was entranced by his gallery filled with the most beautiful landscapes of Ireland.    I am an Irish citizen through my mother.  My Irish roots, my love of Ireland, my love of art-- all combined to make this an unforgettable moment in my life.

We went out to dinner and then spent half the night sitting up and talking about Jesus and the Course in Miracles.   The artist was the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever talked to about this book. I got a few hours of sleep.  In the morning he made me breakfast and we hugged and I departed for Maryland.  The artist was an angel placed upon my path.

I only spoke to him one more time a few weeks after my arrival in Maryland however; from that moment on he was in my heart forever.

Now here is the rest of the story------- one evening the first week in August 2016 I was getting ready to go to bed. All of a sudden the name of the artist popped into my head. I thought to myself-- I wonder if he is still painting and what he might be doing today.   I pulled out my cell phone and googled his name--- what popped up was a website that I am a member of--- it is an Irish website and the first image I saw was his face and his obituary. I gasped--- and I cried for a couple of hours--- I still felt the emotion and feeling of our connection and the great love I had for him. This was the kind of love that goes beyond physical romantic love. It was as if we were connected at the soul level.  I had a dream that night and it seemed very real. In the dream I saw Saint Germain, Jesus, Saint Bridget, the artist, and another figure I was not familiar with

I reached out to Saint Germain. He told me why I felt such a strong connection with the artist.  I spent about 24 hours trying to process the information.

 Saint Germain said, "You have  a holy relationship with this soul.  You have been in and out of one’s lives hundreds of times. You have worked together in many incarnations to bring the love of God to others. It was important that his passing into spirit was known to you as it is time once again to work together. This time, spirit to physical – partly for the assistance this soul can provide to you, and also for you to allow him to have the experience of working across the veil-- for he, like you, is on a level to be called upon to guide and direct others.”

I asked Saint Germain to identify the other spirit figure I saw in my dream. Saint Germain said, “This is Saint Malachy who is (the artists’)   Master Teacher and therefore we all work together as a team. Our family grows, does it not?”

Saint Germain has a sense of humor and I could feel it coming through in this conversation. What he wanted me to know is I would be channeling the artist and his Master Teacher Saint Malachy. I had to look up Saint Malachy as I’m not familiar with him and it seems to make perfect sense, as he is an Irish Catholic Saint.

Saint Germain commented on the many lifetimes I have had in Ireland and in all of them I knew the artist. --- He said the land of the great Celts calls to me often. This is very true and I am a dual citizen( USA/ Ireland). He said our relationship was like brother and sister in spirit with a unity of soul, mind and spirit. We were together in our early lives and decided to continue to incarnate together. He went on to say that we belong to the same soul group and there are 200 of us. Half of this group is in physical bodies and the other half is in spirit. He told me of two individuals living today that I know who are part of my soul group. One is a spiritual medium in Ireland and the other is a friend I recently met when I moved to Dayton and felt an instant connection to.

 Be very aware of the people that come into your life-- even the ones that seem to come and go very quickly. There is so much about ourselves at the soul level that we do not know consciously. Some of you who have come in to see me for readings know that I often say that we are like icebergs. There is a small portion that we can see above the water but what exists below the surface in our sub-conscious is huge.  The way you can tell if an important person has come into your life is to assess the emotional charge you feel when you are together. It is possible that you have met someone in your soul group or a person from a previous life-time.  I have come to the conclusion that very little in our physical life is an accident. It is all planned for our highest good and designed so we fulfill our soul’s purpose. I hope you enjoyed my story God bless you all.  



Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a serious mental disorder marked by a pattern of ongoing instability in moods, behavior, self-image, and functioning. These experiences often result in impulsive actions and unstable relationships.


 The Course in Miracles is published through the Foundation for Inner Peace.  It is a channeled text.  The author is Jesus.  It is a life-changing book for those ready to hear the message.