Are You an Empath?


Definition of an empath- “A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same.

The topic of empaths was brought to my attention recently at the Southern Psychic Fair in Dayton, Ohio. Just as in my private practice offering spiritual readings, the same empathic individuals came to me at the Fair. 

  I asked Saint Germain and Jesus to speak about empathy and the sensitive energy body.  This is our conversation. Be sure to read down to the bottom of the post where I will list the characteristics of an empath and you can determine your own level of sensitivity. Here is my conversation with Jesus and Saint Germain.

Jane- Are only older more spiritually mature souls the ones with the characteristics of a “sensitive/empathic energy body?

Jesus- Bless you my love and yes to your question. It is a sign that one grows towards the light. The older soul is unique. All aspects of the physical experience change. The experience of matter and form is reduced in importance to be replaced with love of others and connection to us here.The empathic soul is impacted by younger souls having purely a physical experience.  The lighter body (empathic, sensitive body) is like a net with permeability. Younger souls have energy fields like glass – reflecting their emotions towards you. It is a Master who is able to take the higher road and control the confusion. To be quiet, still, and steady within the worldly experience.

Jane's comment- I loved the metaphor of a net because an empath literally catches the energy of others who get tangled in their net.  On the other hand, the glass of a younger soul is solid and can repel the energy, and at the same time reflect their energy out to others.  The energy carried by a young soul can be heavy with emotion and concerns about physical needs.

 Jane addressing Saint Germain- You have explained when an individual generates enough divine love and sends it forth into all the outer activities he or she may command what he wants with the mighty I am presence-- and in doing so, the request is always fulfilled? I refer to your quote “he or she may go out among the wild beasts of the jungle and no harm can come to him. Divine love, when consciously generated within the individual is an invisible, invincible and invulnerable armor of protection against all disturbing activity. There is only one thing that can bring about perfection anywhere in the universe, and that is enough divine love. Therefore, love your own mighty I am presence intensely and nothing can enter your being.”

For those not familiar with the mighty I am presence I will define it for you here. We are powerful. When we say I am-- love, peace, generosity etc.  it is an acknowledgement of our connection with the Universal Energy called God. Saint Germain encourages us to passionately claim this connection with God frequently in our daily lives. God is beside us and above us. The spiritual world is not separate from our physical experience but overlaps us. Saint Germain clarified this for me by saying, the spiritual world is about 50 feet above your head and it is you who must claim it by calling it closer to your physical experience. In this conversation he tells us to love this  armor of protection for our sensitive energy bodies.

Saint Germain – Love is not simply a single word. Love is the ultimate energy of the upper vibrations and it is what is required at the lower physical planes as well. Love can be made as a shield – to go forward into the world always cloaked in it. Simply call this forward. Know that all your requests for this subtle and powerful force are answered. It is close to you. The higher frequencies of the non—physical environment are within your location of form. There is a blending, so you may perceive separation between us, but this is not really so. For you who are informed, the higher energies can be used to protect you from any and all negativity. This is why we tell you here how powerful you really are.

Jane – Do we access this cloak with our thoughts and imagination?

St. Germain – Yes, one expands the space you see and this is vast --greater than you can conceive of. It must be love you carry each day within your private space, but also into larger groups. It is this love that propels others towards you. You have noticed-- have you not?

Jane – I answered that this was true but when people are drawn to me they also bring their negative energy.

Saint Germain – It requires a double level of work at the energetic level. You are correct. As others are drawn towards you, one must be protected from the negative while within a narrow space. 

Jane- If you qualify as an empath you can understand what this means in your daily experience.

  I share the characteristics of an empath.  I will continue with this topic on my next You Tube Video by discussing the coping mechanisms for a sensitive soul. If you have half or more of these characteristics you would qualify as an empath.

·       You have strong intuition and receive gut feelings about things.

·       You read emotions and can evaluate a situation faster than anyone else.

·       You have a great need to spend time alone.

·       You have a low tolerance to pain.

·       You over – commit to things because you are a natural “giver.”

·       Your emotions can get out of control when you feel overwhelmed.

·       In relationships you sometimes feel that you give more than you receive.

·       With negative people you find yourself squirming.

·       You are sensitive to medicine, certain foods, and tend to have allergies.

·       Stressful situations can overwhelm you and there is an urge to flee.

·       You dislike crowded places in general.

·       You notice things other people don’t because your radar is always up.

·       You cry easily.

·       You avoid movies that are violent because you cannot handle it.

·       You can meet a stranger and are struck by their emotions.

·       Other people say you are overly emotional.

·       It’s hard for you to discern the boundary between your energy and someone else’s. This is true in crowds where another persons  energy field intersects yours and makes you very tired.

In my upcoming video I will talk in detail about how I have coped with this sensitive energy and I will give you some new strategies to handle it. Mediums are often empaths. It is a good news/ bad news situation. It’s wonderful to have the ability to understand people and read a situation quickly, however it also requires that you learn to shield yourself so you don’t find your energy becoming drained.

Stay tuned for more.    Please send me your questions and comments.  I love hearing  from you. Love,  Jane