Building a Connection with Spirit-The Art of Meditation


One of the best ways to activate your spiritual gifts is to embrace a meditation practice. In my upcoming classes this fall I will teach you how to incorporate this into your daily schedule. It is not easy.  The mind is filled with all the details of our day including our “to do” list. The world is noisy, and even if it’s early in the morning we can be distracted by the sound of cars or neighborhood dogs barking. Sometimes anxiety sets in as we realize that-- “Oh No -I am not doing anything!”  I struggled for years to make the time for a meditation practice and there was always an excuse to put it off. Once I had embraced it with a firm commitment I discovered the benefits. I finally realized that meditation needed to be at the top of my “top-do” list!

The powerful spiritual gifts of clairaudiance, clairvoyance, and clairsentience will emerge through your time in silence.  You will tap into the essence of God and create an opening for your spiritual guides, angels and master teachers to communicate with you.  Your guides are not found in the outside world. Just as I go within to channel the voice of Saint Germain, you must also go within in order to have a relationship with those that guide you.

 Meditation's first benefit is just a sense of peace and calmness. The second benefit affects your body. I discovered that my blood pressure was reduced sometimes by as much as 20 points after meditating. A third benefit often occurs a few weeks after serious meditating.  While sitting in meditation you may fall into the deepest state of relaxation and begin to see colors and to have visions. Often I hear the voice of my guide offering me encouragement.  Other times I’ve been taken on a visual journey. I have received  downloads of information and have used this in teaching spiritual practices to others. I finally came to the point where I didn’t feel that my day was complete, unless I had meditated once in the morning and just before going to bed.

My favorite book on meditation is titled, The Art of Meditation by Joel S. Goldsmith. He says that listening is the art of meditation.  He comments, “From the moment that we know God through experience, life changes for us, because there is a relaxation of our personal self. A feeling arises and is something other than ourselves operating in us, through us, and for us – something greater than ourselves." He goes on to say that the purpose of meditation is to attain divine grace and that this grace allows us to live our lives, despite what’s going on in the world, with a sense of peace and calmness. I agree with him on that. Grace can only be more easily obtained through silence.

Joel Goldsmith says that meditation is a conscious experience and recommends one begin meditation with a question, thought, or a specific idea on which one wishes enlightenment. I think this is helpful advice because it gives us a purpose to focus on. You may also simply say a mantra like I am to get into a relaxed state and clear the mind. Some people listen to a very soft music. I often recommend the tape produced by Dr. Wayne Dyer entitled, I am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation. This is available through Hay House (  You can also download a free app on you phone.  I like Omvana and Robin Rice has a free app with one minute meditations. 

As you begin a meditation practice is important to focus on your breath. It’s the breath that takes you into the deeper level of connection with your higher self. I often advise useing a mantra which is simply- I am safe. Say the I am on the in breath and the word safe on the out breath. As you get further into the process take a deeper breath and you go deeper into meditation. The brain begins to change as you go from the beta level to the alpha.

This is what Saint Germain says about Meditation:

St. Germain –Going inward is the deepest connection with one’s soul there is and an important part of such a practice is the relationship to the Holy Father. This in itself is enough.  When one sits quietly and silently and breathes deeply, reaching the higher vibrations, no connection with the physical world can interrupt your consciousness.   Spirits who are associated with an individual- including guides, angels, and  Masters like myself --and even other souls who have made the transition into the spiritual world can communicate on a path of lovely silence.  One has created the opening for the flow of information.  One must consider such an activity a necessity through which the soul is filled with fuel. When you live in a world  filled with noise, confusion and negative energies without taking the needed time to go within your soul, and thus  into your deeper self, you cannot  refresh all parts of your spiritual and physical body. 

Jane- This process is a refueling of the batteries and that that fuel comes from God that is a very simple way of saying it. Am I correct?

St. Germain – Yes the simple way is always best

I hope this inspires you to bring meditation into your lives. Watch for my classes this fall. The first set will be for those of you who are not familiar with a spiritual practice. The second set will be for those of you more beginning to activate your spiritual gifts and need coaching as to how to use them. If you would like to know more about these classes send me your email or simply sign up on my website for my newsletter.  You can reach me directly at

Keep sending your questions and I look forward to meeting some of you in person or on the telephone. Love Jane