Death and The Layers of a Cake

There are many dimensions that exist beginning with the first four that are earth-bound. Saint Germain says human beings live in the fourth dimension.  When we die we enter the fifth dimension which is non-physical.  During a dream we may also enter the fifth dimension. I was particularly interested in talking to Saint Germain about what exists between the fourth and the fifth dimension, particularly if there was such a thing as the astral plane.  I also was curious to know if a hell exists.  I found this discussion with him very interesting and I thought I would share it with you.

St. Germain –  The dimensions are like a cake, and you must move upward through the layers to the candles. In between the layers of the cake are other layers of filling. When the body dies, the essence of who you are, which is your soul, rises to the place best suited to your soul's development based upon numerous lifetimes and the most recent physical experience in the body.

He went on to say that there are many lands in the upper dimensions and they are spherical in nature. 

Jane – is there really a hell-- a terrible place where souls live in pain and darkness and where there is still war-- where all the terrible deeds of previous lives are experienced in a non-physical world?

St. Germain – yes unfortunately there are many beings living in such a place. No soul, however, is left in this sphere when there is a request for help. There is always a moment of clarity which moves the soul to desire a release from such a place.

I asked St. Germain if the souls that reside on the upper levels, or upper spheres as he calls them, go down to the lower levels to assist others to move upward. He replied that many souls devote themselves to rescuing those who exist in these dark places. To redeem a soul is a major effort. As one assists others to rise up, he does the same for himself.

I asked Saint Germain if the different spheres become lighter and lighter the further the distance from the earth.  Is there a change in the appearance of these spheres?

He replied that the spheres or layers are filled with increasing light, love, compassion and self-sacrifice as one goes upward

I asked  him if the astral bodies of souls who have died are floating around the perimeter of the earth. Can souls be caught in this place?

St. Germain – yes this is correct. There is a great density of these bodies.   They are souls released through death.  Their presence around the earth's rim creates a cloud in the atmosphere when seen with our eyes. They are astral forms still containing souls who will not follow guides and angels to their real home. They still cling to this earth sphere.

Just a note--  Unless we are gifted with strong clairvoyant sight we cannot see these forms. Those in spirit like Saint Germain and angels do see this cloud.  Moreover, it is important to encourage and support loved ones who have died to move on.  We do not want to keep them stuck close to the physical level. Say a prayer of love and give them your permission to move on knowing that we always re-unite.  There is eternal life. I like to say--  an all loving God would never give us only one opportunity to get it right. 

I asked Saint Germain if being caught in the area around the earth was not worse than being in  sphere like hell?  

He said no because the transition to hell allows a soul opportunities to be released. He said it is a terrible experience being in a void.

I asked him if all people who have lived good lives go to the same dimensional level when they die.

St. Germain – this is very complicated. There is a meeting point beyond the earth's rim of all spherical levels. This is where Angels greet the soul and take them to a place of rest followed by relocation to their new home. All is organized in a very defined fashion.

I joked with him that the spiritual world  should have our computers to manage all this amazing choreography and he came back to me and said that the spiritual world has much better system than our computers.

A question from a student:

The other part of this session I had with St. Germain  concerned a question I had from one of my students. This student was meditating and felt darkness and the sensation of many beings moving in close to her physical body. They were not real forms but she was aware that they were present and were blocking out the large white orb of light that appeared in front of her while she was meditating. It was a feeling of discomfort and sadness. She asked them to stop and they did and the light returned.

I asked St. Germain to comment on this. He said,  light always attracts dark. Always be aware of this. As one grows stronger in understanding the divine order and as  such, honors those practicing deep love and real connection to their brothers, there is also a darkness that is called forward. This is not said to scare you. Simply be aware that you are a more powerful being than any who exist in the dark and you can repel energy easily. Be very secure in this knowledge and always place yourself in the light of God when you step into the recesses of your soul. In this situation my student was creating a curiosity. Her life energy attracted those looking for an activity.

I include this because we all need to know that evil and darkness does exist. It is also important to realize that each of us is powerful against it. Never feel helpless. You are always in control.

I commented that it’s sad that there are so many souls not connected to the light and he responded that it was a great sadness in the spiritual world. He went on to say that we must all strive to overcome a lack of love.

Send me your questions and comments.   Love, Jane