Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

Jane – I have written posts about Jesus previously but I still I get many questions from people who believe Jesus survived the cross. In fact, there was recently a gentleman who traveled to Ohio and lectured about the survival of Jesus’s and his later marriage to Mary Magdalene. I asked Saint Germain again if there was any truth to this?

Saint Germain – Jesus died on the cross. It is the desire of many to re-write the story and believe he survived the cross. This was not the case. Jesus gave his life for you, and those who followed him.  There is a great love for Master Jesus and the multitude of souls in your world would love to know he lived and his suffering was brief.  To believe that Jesus survived the cross would reveal a level of insincerity from one (meaning Jesus) who would release his dedicated flock to continue his work as he lived his own life in seclusion.  He died on the cross and he was with his Father as they took him off the cross and carried him to his burial site. The story as recorded in the writings of the disciples, although lacking some truth, is fairly accurate in describing the final days of Jesus. He is still spiritually in the world today bringing forward great truths as he did when he was embodied.

 Jane –The body was found missing from the tomb. Where was it taken, and did a human being remove it from the tomb?

Saint Germain – The body was removed to a safe place. It was feared it would be removed and desecrated. To this day, the real bones of Jesus are missing despite the belief they were found and placed in an ossuary and kept hidden.

An Ossuary is a depository, or container for the bones of the dead.  

Jane – How does Jesus work in the world today? Does he guide individuals as you teach and guide me?

Saint Germain – He is very engaged with the world. He is focused on world peace.  He actively sent souls to incarnate on planet earth to teach love and harmony. Many souls are guided by him. World leaders of great note have been counseled by the Christ Consciousness and have changed the nature of your world. Martin Luther King is one who knew Jesus and began a process in which all men would be seen as equal in the eyes of God. 

Jane – You said Jesus will return. Do you know when? Will I be in or out of my body?

St. Germain – Jesus will return to earth. The time is unknown, but it will not be before the new century begins. You will be here with me to assist in the preparations to restore God to a world that has forsaken him.

Saint Germain has mentioned this to me previously. He indicates a loss of faith and religious practice in the years ahead.

Jane - It sounds like the world is becoming secular as we move further into the century?

Saint Germain – Yes indeed. It will be a lesson for souls entering bodily existence now; to experience a world without God and to pay the consequences.

Jane – Saul who later took the name Paul met Jesus after he had risen. I know the other disciples saw Jesus just after the crucifixion. Were there other times when Jesus was seen by John or any of the other disciples?

Saint Germain – Yes, most saw him again and were able to hear his voice. They were encouraged to learn to read and write by Jesus in order to extend his teachings to the world. Some of the others did the same.

Jane – What happened to Mary? I know she lived with the disciple John for a while but there isn’t much written about her after that?

Saint Germain – She went with John but after the death of her son Jesus she did not live many years. The disciple John was with her during her death and in following Jewish customs buried her. Her bones have never been found.

Jane – Why is everyone still claiming that Jesus continued to live?

Jesus answered this question:

Jesus – It was too painful to think otherwise. My journey/life was one that changed the world and many felt deep love for me. I was however sent by my Father to do a job. It was a task I accepted in order to save the world, but my great love and passion for other souls, and the ability to transmit God’s energy to heal emblazoned my short life in the hearts of the world. It was this desire which led many to want good news, not bad news. It was good news however, to save the world. God bless you.

A few additional notes. The disciples took Jesus off the cross and checked to see if he was breathing. John made reference to seeing the blood and water flow out of his body as he was pierced by a spear. These are very likely clues that Jesus died on the cross. Many have used an empty tomb as the reason that Jesus may have continued to live, but it really doesn’t prove anything. Jesus is so loved that it is easy to see why we would want to imagine he lived. Saint Germain reminds us that this would be out of character for someone as responsible and courageous as Jesus.

Many blessings to all of my readers. I welcome your comments and questions. Blessings, Jane