I asked Saint Germain to comment on a simple but powerful word--that word being generosity.  We all have  the opportunity to exercise our right to make our actions generous in the way we deal with other human beings.  I believe it is important that we are here to give, and this may not be money-- it may instead be our time. This was our conversation:

Jane- Please speak about generosity.  It has been on my mind lately.

St. Germain – This is not simple but complex and one of the key truths and actions required from an older soul – to give is to also receive is it not?

Jane – Yes  of course.

St. Germain – Many do not embrace generosity, in fact, most do not if one looks at it from a broader perspective. I will help you with this message.

Jane – Am I correct that generosity is about giving without receiving anything back?

St. Germain – Generosity is many things. It is a generous heart that provides a safe place for those who are alone such as in your relationship with your mother. The time you spend with her is generous because otherwise you could be following your own desires and interests. Generosity is having an open heart – wide enough to accept that all beings-- and in this I mean both humans and those  in the animal kingdom, deserve and expect love. You as a generous soul have embraced this truth and only in this last incarnation on earth. This was the final lesson for you and we are pleased to see it repeated and discussed openly in your daily work and love.

Jane – Is someone considered generous when they give lots of money to a charity for instance?

St. Germain – Not necessarily. Some give in order to see that others will perceive them as generous, but they are selfish in the heart center. Any action which has expectations associated with it to elevate the giver and not the receiver is evidence of a younger soul. The ego is a powerful presence. and is that part which lives only in a physical existence. It will dictate one’s actions if allowed. To become a generous soul one lives in spirit, not body, understanding that all actions are recorded here and that objects and things are nothing when measured against the riches of love and kindness. Time spent without  return is an investment. Each moment you give yourself is registered here. Give from the heart and repeat this action  each day. Others must come before oneself or one's physical needs. 

I thanked him for this and he ended with  a prayer:

Holy Father, we bless those souls willing to set themselves aside and work on your behalf by giving themselves to others. Deep love and generosity is not measured by giving things--only through sharing oneself. Each moment one turns away from their own needs, and gives to another without expectation of anything in return, is engaged in an act of Love which turns the wheels of generosity. Amen

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I encourage you to send me your questions. Many times I offer these questions to Saint Germain for an answer.    Love, Jane