God Within You

God’s Presence within You


When I was growing up in the Roman Catholic Church I always thought God was outside of me. I can remember going to confession and telling God my sins. It was always as if God was above me and I was below. It has taken many years to understand that God is within me.

Saint Germain often talks about the God Self. He often describes it as the great Master within each individual or the I am presence. Everything we do in the world comes from this divine energy.  He says, be conscious of what you create in the outer world as it always comes from this inner God Self.  Acknowledge your Source. It is a reminder that every single thing we accomplish in our outer world comes from the inner power of God

If we are aware of this presence inside us and how it manifests in our outside experience, everything will go well. Our struggles, no matter what they are, can be eliminated if we place our focus on the inner light which comes through us, not from us.  We do not possess limitless power but God does.

I asked Saint Germain about this personal invisible presence.  I asked, how can I feel my “I am Presence or God Self, and can I see it?

He answered my question by saying, your I am presence is invisible to your eyes but not to mine. As I see it, I read the quality of a particular moment for you.  All spirit guides can do this for the souls they love and guide.

  He continued to say, " you perceive this connection as a feeling.  In moments of quiet silence reach upward with your eyes to feel the energy more directly. He said, “Call the energy towards you and wrap it around your body to the extent you are able." He cautioned me not to speak my prayers out loud. He said, “God hears your request. God waits on you. Prayer/Meditation is more effective when spoken to oneself. Include your visions and feelings in the silence." I asked him how far this energy could be pulled down around my body and he replied, “The larger the area enclosed by this energy, the more insight you will receive. It is the love and freedom of spirit you will feel."

I asked Saint Germain to describe the I am presence to me. Is it energy, light, vibration or something else?

Saint Germain said , "it is a liquid.  Liquid is a substance that flows. It is not static. Like a river with currents and eddies the liquid substance flows from God to you. Always see yourself engulfed in this movement. Love and God’s grace flow outwards to you and you return it back to God.”

(It is important for us to remember it is a two way street)

He continued to say that this is personal and requests go directly to God and should not be touched by any other human being. The sharing weakens the call.  Like meditation, it is a private experience. The request is always answered in some way.

He also pointed out that we as individuals must separate our own thoughts – that is, thoughts from within our own God Self, from the suggestions, thrown out by other people’s minds so we can avoid uncomfortable activities and conditions of the world.

Saint Germain points out that we need to use this God energy constructively and to do so requires we feel and associate ourselves with our God Self at all times.  With perfect calmness of feeling, we must bypass all temptation of misusing power. Most of all we must control our emotions and harmonize our feelings no matter what situation we find ourselves in. We must bring our needs to God by love and grace.

Without this God/Self connection we cannot have harmony in our lives. Be peace, love, and calmness and share these qualities with every person you meet.  Do so unconditionally, whether you think they deserve it or not. It is the great secret that releases the power of God’s presence within you outward to everyone you meet.

I share a prayer given to me by Jesus during the channeling of the information above

Bless you and deep love is extended to your soul from mine. It is the most precious gift a soul receives from the Father--the seed of his own energy-- the spark of light and love only God can provide. Dear ones, accept this gift. See it as the seed which grows and flourishes within you to become the flower of your connection with God's love and presence. Know that all others receive the same gift and thus, carry this light as well. Knowledge of the gift requires you to share it with others, and in doing so, you activate their deeper knowing of God's presence in their lives. God Bless you. Master Jesus