Guarding The Doors of Thought-Part 1

This is the first of two posts about thoughts. In this post I share powerful messages about our thoughts. When Saint Germain entered my life, one of the first things he said to me was, “watch your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.” At the time his words sounded very simple, but I have come to understand it is a very powerful teaching. So I am sharing a deeper conversation with him about the subject. If you like this post you’ll be ready to take a deeper dive in January when I look at the subject in the context of our society.

I have learned we possess a creative power and very few are aware of it. Every event, physical object, or personal relationship begins as a thought. Just stop and think about this for a moment and you will realize your own powerful creative ability. An old metaphysical book says that our thoughts will either remain in our own auric field ( mind) or will find their way into form.   We have a responsibility for the thoughts we send out into the universal field of thought. This is true of every idea – both the good and bad. I hope this conversation with Saint Germain will be helpful to you. I will say this in regards to the topic; it only represents the tip of the iceberg. More to come next month.


Jane- An old book says the energy of thought is for the good of all, in the furtherance of the plan of God, and should never be used for selfish ends. It seems to me it is being used selfishly in our society.

 Saint Germain- Thoughts are a gift from God-- to allow you to also become a creator. Those who place evil or selfish thoughts into the atmosphere are seeding it with evil and affecting many souls. It is deeply disturbing to us; however, those like yourself who understand the energetic power of the mind must refuse to carry these lower thoughts into your temple (mind). Separate them from your higher thoughts.

 Jane-How do we separate the false from the true?

 Saint Germain- Your inner guidance will assist you. There are young souls who do not know how to resist the energy of the false. They are caught up in the drama of the earthly experience and influenced by other young souls and together they create group thoughts which affect the masses.

Jane – Can thought forms from another life affect this one?

Saint Germain – Yes, there is an attempt to limit the memories in order for you to be unencumbered by the previous experience, which for some souls is a vast amount of data. However, despite the cleansing between lives, memories will surface and occasionally interfere with the current circumstances. Guides are trained to assist with this.

Jane - Should we be careful when listening to group thought and use discernment about the information being spoken?

Saint Germain- Yes. Be cautious. Tune into the information but beware of its real truth which may be a group creation of negativity and disruption.

Jane- Should we have a goal when sending out a thought form?

 Saint Germain- Yes, thoughts are not to be abused or released carelessly. They must be carefully understood and studied before release. Nurture a thought, feel its positive energy before you release it into the current of the ocean of thoughts.

I love the way he describes the greater mass of thoughts as an ocean!

 Jane- One time you said when we cross over to the other side within the higher vibrations, we can actually see thoughts like clouds or mist. Why are we unable to see thought forms here in our physical lives?

 Saint Germain- They can be seen by certain souls. You must desire to see the energy and there is a tangible feeling with this seeing. It is an internal seeing. When you are engaged in group activity sit quietly and observe the form thoughts take. Activate your clairvoyant abilities.  If you close your eyes you will see thoughts in a variety of shapes, color, and interaction with each other. This must be done with closed eyes. You already do this. Thoughts take many forms. Learn to discern the good ones from the bad.

 Jane -So you’re saying that I should exercise my inner seeing?

 Saint Germain-Yes indeed.

 Jane- Was our body in the mind of God before it was created?

 Saint Germain- Yes.  All souls are part of the Creator and this is what you call God. You are an expression of the whole. The energy of all souls including their thoughts and achievements is recorded and monitored by those who love you, and have pledged to stand by you throughout the physical life.

Jane- Are thoughts monitored by our guides?

 Saint Germain- Yes

 Jane -I read once that idle, selfish, and cruel thoughts if spoken will produce a prison and poison everything in life, lead to disease and cause disaster. Does this mean we should be careful what we say out loud? If so, how do I assist my readers with this?

Saint Germain- There is as much power in a cruel thought released from one’s own mind. An outside thought of negativity and evil will affect many more souls. Some souls cannot handle the energy and they ingest the thought into their minds take just as you ingest a meal. The thought is not released, but instead becomes a barrier internally and reduces their ability to use positive thoughts to create what is desired in the physical experience.

This says to me—- be careful what we listen to!

 Jane- Can you help me to understand how to release these negative thoughts?

 Saint Germain- It is often difficult and is handled by guides. There is an attempt to get the attention of the soul and shift them to a higher place.

 Jane -Is it possible for us to become the victim of our thoughts? I have heard it said a thought form can surround our auric field and grow in strength as we give it more and more attention. Then the thought form becomes more powerful than ourselves, affecting us adversely, and we were the actually ones who created it!!

  Saint Germain- Yes indeed – very good! --- St. Germain liked my question--- He continued to say, once one has entered this vortex of energy (energy of these thought forms) it is very difficult to break free without assistance. The soul’s purpose can be severely compromised.

Saint Germain continued to explain there are many young souls on the planet.  He said thoughts come together and create a vortex of energy. The young ones have a need for instant gratification and will base their success on acquiring power. It is a cycle, and a cycle must have its beginning and end. Your generation has understood different times and has seen the value of simplicity. The younger ones are in full expectation of receiving gifts without labor. It is as always a cycle of life.

Jane- I have heard this phrase—-all form is frozen thought.   (Meaning everything physical had to begin as a thought)--Do you like this description?

Saint Germain -Yes indeed – it is one’s thought creating  that which can be seen. Once the thought is manifested it will remain in the physical arena until there is a consensus to remove it. Do you understand? I answered yes.  He went on to say all must desire the physical manifestation of the thought’s removal. This has been accomplished in your past history as things disappear from your experience only to be recorded in the literature of past events. I immediately thought about covered wagons, and the first automobile. They have disappeared from our current experience.

Jane-How can I help my readers, students, and myself create reality based on thought?   It seems easy but it’s very difficult. I know that every event or relationship begins as a thought but how do we stay focused on the thoughts that we want.

Saint Germain- One has habits do you not? The thought must be a habit; a repetitive part of your life. Just as you welcome in a new member of your family – once this occurs the thought remains permanent. Such is true with thoughts. Once you have made its acquaintance you must nurture the relationship. Think of a thought as a friendship-- like a close family relative. Maintain the friendship with love. As you focus attention on this person or thought the relationship will blossom.  

Jane-When I had a vision of you and Saint Padre Pio was this a thought image?

Saint Germain -Yes, it was our thought to share our appearance with you – to express a deeper message. You saw us did you not?  I answered yes. It was an energetic sharing of a form you would recognize and along with this we supplied our identification.

Jane- Did I hear you clearly?   He said yes, you heard us very well. It is your gift to hear.  

Jane- Can you see and tune into my thoughts?

Saint Germain Yes. I do this frequently as you are under my guidance.

This is true for everyone.   We all have Guides and sometimes Master Teachers who can see our thoughts.   I guess the most important thing to remember as you go about your day is to watch your thoughts. If you don’t, you may not be pleased with what you are creating in your life’s experience.   Next month I will take a deeper dive into this subject. If you are wondering if there could possibly be more, the answer is YES!!! As we moving into the new year, perhaps we can become experts in managing our reality—- this necessitates a management of our thoughts!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you for reading my posts. Many Blessings, Jane