Guarding The Doors of Thought Part 2


Last month I shared some preliminary information about the subject of thoughts. This month I go a little bit deeper. Some of you may love this conversation, and others may be a little bit confused. Some of this information is being saving for my advanced classes.

Did you know that we think about 50,000-60,000 thousand thoughts every day? That is 35-48 thoughts per minute!!!! How amazing is this!

Never forget—- ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT! or you could say—- manifestation follows thought. Thought comes first. Ask yourself—- what am I thinking today? Are my thoughts of the highest or lowest level?

  I started my conversation with Saint Germain by asking him about the group mind. He has told me many times this exists. My question to him was this; how do we avoid being influenced by the group mind? I pointed out we have a culture where everything seems to be on the surface. I explained to him that we have something called social media where everybody shares their thoughts. My bigger question is how do we stay neutral?   I am aware from many previous conversations with him that the stream of opinions and thoughts from the public are of the lower mind and difficult to tune out. He answers me below—-

Saint Germain – It is of concern to us here to see the spread of negative thought forms throughout your society and the world. It is, you see, like taking garbage, and instead of collecting and disposing it, the trash is strewn across planet Earth. This creates great sorrow here. One must hold thoughts in the temple of their being. To own a thought is a privilege and a responsibility. You should share your thoughts with others as if they are precious gifts.

How often do we consider our thoughts as precious gifts!

Jane – I responded-- our culture will not support this. How do we stop participating? What you are really asking is for us to stop participating in the group mind?

Saint Germain – Yes indeed. There is an overabundance of drama and false information within the physical plane. Do not give it energy. Refrain from participation and the energy will diminish. Do you understand?

Jane – I commented that I understood and I have dropped my participation in Twitter and I have cut back drastically in my participation on Facebook.

  Much to my surprise, Saint Germain understands we have social media!

Jane- There are different levels of reality, or planes of reality existing between our physical world and the higher energies from where Saint Germain speaks to me. I asked what was higher-- the astral or the mental plane?

Saint Germain – The astral as you define it is between us. It collects the thought forms of the physical. It is the junkyard of your physical world where unused ideas accumulate.

Jane – Is it possible to clean the astral plane?

Saint Germain – Yes, there are those souls with this responsibility. There is a need to keep this area clean in order to support the connection between us. (What he means is the connection between the dense energy of our physical world and the lighter spiritual realms).

Jane – So thoughts work upward from the physical plane, but thoughts also descend down from the mental plane. Am I correct?

Saint Germain – Yes indeed. Thoughts, however, are heavy and what you receive from us is light. The ideas of spirit are very close to you and reflect the love of God.

Jane – Are the thoughts going up from the physical plane increased in strength by the thoughts of many people particularly those who are unwise?  If so, can we drown them out with love?

Saint Germain – Drowning out the thoughts of others with love is very good. One must always surround the younger souls with love. Never respond with hate or anger. Always see yourself as the older and more advanced soul that you are and know, as your energy becomes stronger it carries power. Souls who work with us here are growing and your questions reflect your growth and departure from the thinking of the world.

Jane- Can we see the thoughts of others? A great master said, “through concentrated meditation the thought images in the minds of other people become apparent?”

Saint Germain – This requires a level of mastery.  It requires first a belief in the activity. The results of this practice create a path forward through the woods you see. One can choose to walk around the images and avoid the image of thoughts of a low-level nature.

I share more details with my advanced level students on this particular area of spiritual mastery. I am still in the early stages of working at this level myself.

Jane – Can we send a thought back to the originator? In some of the early Theosophical teachings they say that we should arrest of thought with love. Does this work on social media? Does this work on television or personal conversations. What does arrest with love mean?

Saint Germain – This is possible only when you are physically and spiritually close to the other. One must be present to arrest a thought or to hold the thought; or if you will, catch the thought. In doing so you temporarily own the thought. Surrounded it with your energy and return it to the sender.

Jane – Why would I want to send back a negative thought to the sender?

Saint Germain – The blessing is to return the thought to the sender better than it was received. You are a creator and can change the circumstances of your life for the better. You can also improve the inner being of another soul by sharing the thought and imbuing it with a higher vibration. This happens as you hold the thought.

Jane – So you are saying we can change energy?

Saint Germain – Yes, very good. It is also an ability you must master.

We went on to discuss using a phrase which he calls a Mystic phrase to get rid of a negative ideas or to get rid of our own negative thought forms. He gave me some examples.

Saint Germain – When you think to yourself, I am tired, or I cannot handle this task, establish a thought with which you bless yourself and alleviate the difficulties. For example, I am not good enough, or I am afraid. Arrest the thought with the blanket of God’s love and use positive words or phrases such as my spirit is strong, angels are supporting me, opportunity comes from God, I am love. Refuse to allow thoughts of a negative nature to change the course of your hour, day or life you see.

I ended the conversation by saying that I understood we have to be very watchful when it comes to our thoughts, especially if you want old thoughts to die.

He ended the conversation by saying this:

Saint Germain “Be very attuned to the world around you. See yourself always cleaning up – discarding what is of a lower level and retaining that which resonates with love, light, and universal applications to your life and that of others.”

My summary of the conversation is the following:

·       A thought can be a boomerang and can be returned to you with increased power and energy.

·       Hatred can return to the creator of a thought.

·       Be humble. Humility has to come first. The need to serve others is most important.

·       We can poison our minds as thoughts can take on a life of their own and cause reoccurring problems.

·       If we are so attached to our own ideas we may not be able to see the truth of others.

·       Watch your thoughts daily

·       Turn off social media

·       Meditate

·       Have sympathy and compassion for everyone


I hope you have all enjoyed this post.   I send you all positive thoughts for a wonderful 2019 filled with light, love, and abundance. Love, Jane