Healing the Body

April , 2018


I just finished participating in a spiritual event called the Victory of Light in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In many of the readings I did at the show, healing issues came up.  I thought it would be a good topic for my April blog. Maybe my conversation with Saint Germain will help one of you.

Saint Germain says, “Healing is an individual responsibility. Each spirit in human form brings a small book containing a list of ailments they agree to battle in the life ahead. Some of us carry a small book, and others agree to manage a heavier load.”  He went on to say I carry a moderately heavy book with emphasis on the bones. He said my house always needs repair and I have done well in this life to manage my book.

 I have to admit this is true. All my physical problems are related to my body’s structure such as my back, neck and shoulders.

Isn't it amazing to think we bring these health challenges with us when we are born!

I asked Saint Germain how the decision is made about the specific content of our book. He said, “One cannot come into the physical experience without this book of tasks. Why else would one want a body? The body is used as a lesson to advance the soul.”  I replied, "what about people without a lot of physical problems?"  He told me it was a poor question.   He said, "what you see externally is unreliable. Every soul enters the human experience with physical challenges despite outward appearances.”  He went on to say,  "there is a long line of souls awaiting disabled bodies.   These are older souls who are candidates for Ascension and are looking for a challenging experience on earth."  He continued to say, my body issues were given to me so I would take charge of my body through invocation and control of the thoughts. 

An invocation is a firm request for assistance from the spiritual world. When you make a request you must do so with power and a belief you will be heard. An invocation is a demand we make to change a situation. When  I invoke a change in my life I use the violet flame. This is an energy  Saint Germain carry's and manages.   Those of you taking my classes will learn more about this. 

 I have tried to take care of my body under Saint Germain's guidance. You are also able to do this. He  explained, the body will respond to our commands. Knowing this has made a big difference in my life. Here is an example. Many years ago I was having terrible neck pain. I went to see a neurosurgeon who said I needed to have immediate neck surgery and a fusion of all three discs in my neck. I was in the early stages of my work with Saint Germain and instead of having the surgery I asked him for advice.

He said, "the neck is a pivotal point – all the worry, doubt, and anxiety rush upwards to this area of the body. "He told me to imagine a pole battered by storms. It begins to sway and shift. This is your neck.   So we will do surgery – say this, I am the divine aspect of the Father and I heal my structure. I request a new house to replace the old."  I said to him, “wouldn’t this mean I would die?" He said, "no, your body house is replaced thousands of times in your human life. You must request the replacement."

I followed his instructions and the pain in my neck began to disappear. I decided not to have the surgery. A year later I saw another physician and he reviewed my case and said, "you have a little wear and tear but you hardly need surgery." So this is a lesson to all of us to take charge of our bodies.  I also used visual imagery to see the changes in the structure of that particular body part.  Our minds are powerful and as Saint Germain says we create everything in our life through our thoughts. So I was able to manifest healing. You can do this also.

Saint Germain says, "your body was given to you to serve you and it will respond to your commands."

I went a little further to ask him about some of the emotional cords that are connected to us from other people in our lives and  affect our bodies also.. He said Jesus will answer your question and this is what Jesus said, “There is power in your soul – to release any energy which binds you to another or creates distress in the emotional centers of your body. One may simply sit quietly in prayer and ask for a cleansing. See this energy coming down over your head and wrapping you in light. Once you see the light, use your mind to move the light around the body and force it into the inner body as well. Manipulate the light – feel it, and send it healing. Be a healer. This ability is given to all souls, however, lies dormant in most. You have come far in understanding your own power. Help others to do the same.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post.   I love your comments which are posted below. You can see my response which I will add later.   Many blessings to you all,   Jane