Health from a Spiritual Perspective


  I can honestly say after working and studying with Saint Germain I have a different body. He taught me how to eat and live my life in a different way. He taught me how to take control of my body.  I want to share some of his teachings with you. 

You have a unique body because you chose it. What it has become is not the will of God. You created it with your thoughts.  Saint Germain teaches us to modify our thoughts and images regarding any physical body challenge. Our "self-talk" has to be positive in order for our self-image to be changed. If you see yourself as a sick, weak, overweight, or any other negative thing, you can change this. If you see yourself as too old, challenged by aches, pains, and problems of old age, shift your perception. Change the images you have in your mind as to who you really are!  The mind is powerful. You are not a body, but instead, the energy of your higher self which is God. There is nothing you cannot change. Often Saint Germain compares the body to an automobile.  He said to me once, “understand the nature of your vehicle, and then drive it.”   What he is really saying is we need to take responsibility for this body.  Although doctors mean well, they will often dictate instructions based on basic medical training. Because of this narrow view, they often overlook integrative therapies and common sense advice.  They do this without asking you for your personal opinion.  In other words, most medical doctors are not integrative physicians and do not treat the entire person.   Because of this they neglect mind and spirit. 

Maybe some of  Saint Germain's advice will help you with your health and fitness challenges going forward into 2018.


 Ten years ago I was on a typical American diet.  All of a sudden I stopped eating meat.  I simply refused to eat turkey one Thanksgiving. I couldn’t figure it out--- I had no desire to eat animal products, and was instead turned off by the prospect. Two years later after practicing a vegetarian diet, Saint Germain arrived in my life. This was no accident as he was preparing me for our work together.  

Saint Germain said we ingest the emotions of the animal when we place it's flesh in our bodies. In this day and age there is a push to raise, slaughter, and provide the marketplace with as many animals as possible. Some of these animals have been abused and fed poorly. It’s very difficult to be absolutely certain you are buying grass fed beef from a good farmer unless you know the farmer. Saint Germain comments there are very few places left in the world where one can get a clean catch.  Luckily for me I’m not a big fish eater.  He taught me communication between the physical and spiritual worlds are much easier to obtain when we don’t fill ourselves with the energy and emotions of animals.  And so I continue my diet as a vegetarian. I do eat eggs and Saint Germain has approved of that.  Be sure your eggs are organic, free-range.

This may sound trivial but don’t forget to wash your vegetables.   Always buy a vegetable wash which is easily available in the produce department. Most vegetables, even some organic vegetables, are coated with a plastic substance for the purpose of extending their shelf life. When you see this plastic floating in your sink you’ll never eat a vegetable again unless you know that it’s been cleaned in the veggie wash.  

Some people think you can’t get protein from vegetables but this is not true.  Many vegetables are high in protein.  There are also many wonderful grains like rice and quinoa.  Beans are loaded with protein. The foundation of my diet is rice, beans and vegetables.

Your doctor means well but they love selling you a pill!

Don’t let doctors intimidate you. Be tough and ask questions. Do your own research on any treatment or drug.  I recently was diagnosed with osteoporosis in one of my hips.  My doctor quickly wrote a prescription for a drug called Fosamax. He was extremely angry when I told him I wasn’t going to take the medication.   Fosamax will build bone, but the quality of the bone is poor.  It was my mistake to stop working out at the gym when I moved to Ohio.  Stay true to your workouts!  I am back in the gym. After further research I discovered lots of natural ways of building bone. I was already walking 3 miles a day but I added a weight vest. I bought mine from Dr. Joel Fuhrman --- There are a lot of women who read my posts so some of you will be facing this issue.   If you take calcium be sure you take a natural form of calcium. Some are algae based.  Also take adequate amounts of vitamin D and magnesium and strontium. If you’re not in the gym now, get into the gym and do some weight-bearing exercises.  I’ll tell you what happens when I take the second bone scan but I can guarantee it will be different.


Throw away the salt shaker!!!   Excessive sodium is in all packaged and frozen foods. Even the ones we think are healthy--- like vegan macaroni and cheese or a bean burrito.    If you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension start to track your salt intake and you may find yourself able to throw away the medication.  If you have a salt problem here is a wonderful website   Http://  In my family there is a strong tendency towards hypertension.  Years ago when I was first diagnosed with hypertension I used a device called Resperate.   Resperate is a breathing device approved by the FDA.  Most doctors have no idea it exists. It is also necessary to monitor your sodium.  Don't exceed 1500 mg of sodium a day. Some people have to keep it lower than this in order to regulate their blood pressure. Find out where your level is.  I try not to exceed 500.  I no longer take blood pressure medication. 

The Original Blueprint

Saint Germain teaches us our mind is powerful and we can use the mind to change our bodies.   This was demonstrated to me about seven years ago when I was having some mild pain in my neck.  I decided to see an orthopedic specialist and he immediately told me I was an emergency case and needed to have three discs in my neck fused.  He scheduled surgery for me the next week! I panicked. I had been a fiber artist for many years with my head bent often bent over a rug frame and I believed he might be telling me the truth. I remembered what Saint. Germain told me about self-healing.  I canceled the surgery and instead I began to practice what I was taught by Saint Germain.  He said we can request our original blueprint for any part of our bodies.  So in meditation I began to ask and imagine in my mind what it looks like when the original blueprint was laid upon my neck. I worked on this for months and finally I realized the pain was gone. I decided to schedule another appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to have my neck looked at a second time.  The second physician looked at a new set of x-rays and he said to me,” sure, you have little wear and tear in your neck but you are hardly a candidate for surgery."   Both doctors were trained at John Hopkins in Baltimore. The second physician was head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins when the first doctor was a student.   When he looked at the medical notes of his student he just shook his head.  He had no idea I had been practicing any form of spiritual healing, but I remained silent about this. So the end of the story is this--- always get a second opinion----never rush to go under the knife----always use spiritual practices first.   We are powerful beings.  

I want to share some wonderful health care practitioners in the Dayton, Ohio area. 

Kelly Bulger -- Not your normal massage therapist!  Kelly is in Kettering Ohio and offers something unique and different.  She  works on both the physical and energy body at the same time and seems to know exactly where there is  muscle tightness and tension.  I never try to work after a session with her as I am totally relaxed.  Reach her at 937-298- 3825.

Doctor Pamela Downing- Doctor Downing’s patients call her Dr. Pam.  Her office is in Kettering and she is a chiropractor.  Chiropractors in Ohio also have extensive medical training so she can help you with a wide range of issues.   I estimate about half of my own clients know her and depend on her because she has such a profound effect on healing their bodies.  The best way to reach her is to text her. Her number is 937- 623 -9472.

I have a wonderful source for blood testing. Most traditional physicians will do only what is absolutely necessary in terms of blood testing but yet it is very important to have a whole panel in order to understand what’s going on with your body. I have a friend who is a trained  nutritionist and backed up by a physician. She can run a full series of blood work. Email if you’d like her contact information.

Meditation-is an important part of our overall health. Not only is it a path to God, but also a place of quiet, peace, and relaxation. It’s easy to neglect, but you’ll feel better if you adopt the practice of sitting in silence at least twice a day.

Don't forget - Forgiveness is a Gift you give yourself.  Get over your disagreements with other people as fast as possible!  This is part of everyone's health plan!

And finally--- trust yourself. You know your own body. Don’t ever let someone else make a decision for you because you think that they know better. Nobody lives with your body 24 hours a day except you. Keep the physical body in perspective. Remember it supports you but it is and who you are. God bless you all and have a lessed and Merry Christmas!!!