Is there Coffee in Heaven?

Is there coffee in Heaven and much much more!


  I woke up one morning with this thought-- I wonder if there’s coffee in heaven?  I laughed a little bit and thought--- I will have to ask St. Germain!  My second thought was – oh that’s so silly I can’t ask him that kind of question. But I decided to ask it anyway.  You will enjoy this lighthearted conversation which ended on a deeper note.

Saint Germain said, “I see your sense of humor and this is acceptable to us. Joy is preferred over sadness. Yes indeed, there is the creation of coffee through your thoughts. You have the power of creation do you not?

Jane – I answered yes, but, does this coffee have any taste in heaven?

Saint Germain - Yes, you create exactly what your mind can remember of the substance.  A lack of physical form does not mean the absence of thoughts and action.

Jane – Are you saying we remember through our etheric body and this body carries us in the spiritual realm?

Saint Germain – Yes, your etheric body is the duplicate of the physical form. It is the inner body. It exists now to support your physical structure. I see your spiritual body when you call me. I am unaware of your physical density. The spiritual body will provide you with a sense of motion and movement here.  The spiritual body is lighter, thus there is a period of adjustment in using this vehicle.

Jane’s note-- when St. Germain uses the word vehicle in this context above. He means the body.

Jane – Are there lakes and oceans on the other side?

Saint Germain – Yes, you create what you wish to see. There is a constant state of creation based upon the thoughts and desires of each soul.

I had to ask this question because I am a painter

Jane – Is there a painting studio available in heaven?

Saint Germain – Yes, you will carry a brush and enjoy this activity. There is no thing absent from the higher realms of spirit. It is complete and directed by the needs of the soul. Creation is instant, unlike the slower manifestation of the dense environment you exist in now.

Jane – Is there ice cream in heaven?

Saint Germain – Yes, however my dear this ice cream will taste different. It is the feeling of this against the sensitive etheric vehicle you will enjoy. There is taste, but you will not understand until you have your past memories of this place restored.

Jane – You have told me there is an occult library on the other side that I can access it at night.  Are the books real are they digital?

Saint Germain – All knowledge is contained here. One uses the power of one’s thoughts to access any subject desired. There are some souls who will research the history of war on planet Earth. They see this history in a unique way.  It is not simply reading a book. In the occult library one feels the moment in history and senses the light, energy, and movement of form during a moment in the record of time.

Jane – So if I would desire to go back to the time of Christ’s death on the cross and understands more about that period in history by accessing this occult library I would actually feel as if I was present at that moment in time?  Am I correct?

Saint Germain – Yes.  You would perceive the moment in time as if you were present. You would however, be outside of time. Time is a man-made construct. There is no time.

Jane – So now in my present circumstance living in a body I feel like I’m locked in time.  My years living on this planet feel locked in time and limited.

Saint Germain – It is easy to step outside of time. It is a relief to many as then you are free of the body’s clock you see. Time is made by man. God exists outside of time. The current physical lifetime is used to provide a sense of structure or the body. Time is a lesson you see. Some aspects of physical life are time sensitive or limited. Do you understand?

Jane – I answered him that I did. To live outside of time here on a physical planet might create chaos.  It is clear we are locked into time here in our physical experience and when we return home to spirit we must experience a sense of being expanded beyond time?

Saint Germain liked my response to that and he said the following

Saint Germain – Yes.  It is a relief to most souls. Imagine, you have been sent to war and are under the instructions of others; confined to place and duty without personal choice. Then, you return home to the freedom to be, and act as you choose. This is the sense of being in control. In heaven you are always supported by your teachers and guides, but you are free to choose. There is no government and restrictions. All moves in a beautiful rhythm of harmony.  This is motion without abrasiveness--- all directed by thought. The thought which emanates from your consciousness itself.

So I turned the conversation back to the silly way I started and said to him, Will I get to eat my favorite food in heaven?

Saint Germain – Yes, some need to have food. They will enjoy the sense of having access to what is a physical comfort. Most realize soon enough that the body needs food but the spirit survives on energy.

I love that last comment. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this somewhat lighthearted conversation with St. Germain. It is comforting to know that there lies another existence ahead and that in this existence we have a tremendous amount of freedom and responsibility.

Sending all my readers love and light, Jane