Jane's Spiritual Classes

Jane’s Spiritual Development Classes


I am often asked about my spiritual classes. I decided to share some additional information about them. Those of you who know me well understand how much I love teaching. For many tears, prior to working with Saint Germain, I was an art teacher working in many of the local colleges and art centers. I still teach one art class a week here in Dayton Ohio but the majority of my time is devoted to my spiritual readings and classes.

Over the years I’ve been teaching three spiritual development classes. I ask the students to take them in order because each class builds on the one before it. This summer I’ve been developing a very advanced class. It’s so advanced I am learning myself as it is created. My goal is to share these amazing teachings I have received over the years from my own teacher, Saint Germain.

The classes are taught on my conference line during evening hours. Most of my students are in the United States. I send out a recording after each class in the event that a session is missed, or if somebody wants to listen to the class again.

 Below is a summary of each class and what you might expect if you join me and Saint Germain!

Spiritual Development (class #1) is the foundation of all my classes. I compare it to building a house. You have to pour the foundation before you can decorate the rooms and hang a wreath on the front door!   During this six week class I ask each person to send me their questions on the Sunday following the class. I answer these questions in a single document sent out to the entire class. In this way, learning continues during the week and everyone benefits from the questions of the other participants. As in all questions – if I don’t know the answer, I know who does!!!

In class #1 I cover the basics of understanding how the physical body plays an important part in our spiritual practice and this includes understanding the interface between the physical body and the spiritual realm. I encourage meditation because I believe it’s very valuable but I don’t demand anything from anyone because when you’re ready to take some quiet time every day you will adopt the practice yourself. I share some easy ways of beginning a meditation practice. This first class covers soul contracts, the Akashic record, connection with guides and master teachers on the other side, angels, dealing with one’s emotions, dreams, spiritual healing techniques, the afterlife, and tapping into the unconscious memories of our past. This is just a sample.

In my level II class I concentrate on the ability to hear spirit-( clairaudience); feel spirit, (clairsentience), and see spirit, (clairvoyance).  I coach the class in ways of developing these abilities. Many of my students already have a high level of ability in at least one of these areas. I also do a class in using a pendulum, the runes, and a bit about stones.  Like my level I class I also take questions from individuals during the week and then publish the questions and answers on Sunday afternoons. Again, it’s an opportunity for everyone to learn from each other.

My level III class has always been my most advanced class up until this year.   The level III class is a good step towards my last set of classes called Spiritual Mastery. Most of level III material comes from Saint Germain. I teach the use of the violet flame and understanding how to do a decree which is a way to ask the spiritual world to grant you a request. There is a deep dive into the important topic of thoughts in creating our own realities. Some of you may have read some of my blog posts on guarding your thoughts. We go a little bit deeper in this class. I don’t do written questions and answers but I bring Saint Germain into the class and channel the answers to questions directly.

My new class— Spiritual Mastery— is truly a deep dive into esoteric knowledge.  I developed the class through hours of channeling and asking my own questions in the sessions. I’m having some difficulty in controlling the material because there such an abundance. Saint Germain surprised me at the beginning of the summer by informing me that another spiritual master would join our discussions and assist me in developing this class. This is someone in the spiritual realm who is a totally different personality than Saint Germain. I’m not going to share who it is until I have my first class this fall and then I’ll tell my class who has joined me and Saint Germain! Right now it looks like it will be an eight week class, but that may change by the end of the summer as i am continuing to develop and write this class.

I require that everybody take the classes in sequence unless I really know the person well, have done quite a few readings for them, and am sure that they can handle the information. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I hate to say it—- winter will be here before we know it!!!!

If you have any questions about the classes or would like to receive e-mail about them feel free to email me at jane@janehalliwell.com.