Jesus and Saint Germain — The Relationship

I said to Saint Germain, “You told me once you were Joseph, the father of Jesus in an earlier life. Most people are unaware of this. I want to learn about this life as Joseph from you.”

Saint Germain – It was a privilege to serve as the father and mentor of the great one we know as Jesus, however, it does not define me. The same is true for all others embodied. You are the sum of many experiences; both within your human form and outside of it.  Joseph was chosen to be a protector and share the experience of his worldly encounter with Jesus with others; both in his physical life and as Joseph, continuing to the life beyond.  Jesus was in all respects my son; although I was not aware in the beginning he was special.  

Jane – “Did you know Jesus was the Christ?”

Saint Germain – “No, I did not know this in the beginning. I only knew he had been chosen by God to play a special role in history and to change the generations to come.”

Jane – “When did you learn of his mission?”

Saint Germain – “I learned after my son was baptized by John.  I was told by the Angels. I was visited by many. They came in large numbers.   There was a convocation of sorts. The power to handle this ministry was given to me by God. My human form; the person of Joseph, was simply human. The blessing I received as Joseph created an ascension of my humanness into holiness.  I had a conversation with Jesus and he shared his life’s purpose with me so that I could prepare Mary. As you know, I did not live to see the event yet to come. I was here in the spiritual realm awaiting my son.”

 Jane’s note- Saint Germain told me Mary was fragile and it was through the intercession of the Holy Spirit she became strong and accepted her role. He said we were all blessed by the power of God and the Holy Spirit. “Saint Germain continued to say about Mary, “We had a beautiful and holy union. We came to love each other deeply, and there was a natural respect for each other as we were both bound by a sacred duty. It was the sheer duty which made us one in spirit. We had other children and we loved them just as we loved Jesus.”

Jane – “Is it true that Mary came from the angelic realm?”

Saint Germain – “Yes indeed. Mary was carefully chosen for her purity and willingness to serve mankind. The angels do not participate in human affairs directly in respect to being embodied, but this was an exception as Mary was sent by the angels and so was Jesus.”

 Jane’s note- This surprised me at first. We always believe Jesus was the son of God.   However, his mother Mary was chosen from the angelic realm to serve as his mother in this particular life. Therefore, Jesus would also share in the angelic qualities of his mother..

Saint Germain – “Jesus is unique in this respect. He is a soul of both pure and holy energy; composed of both man and spirit – the two combined in a very special way.”

Jane – “What was the most difficult experience for you in that life?”

Saint Germain –“It was the fear regarding the birth of the child Jesus. There was a certain understanding given to myself and Mary that our journey to Bethlehem would be overshadowed by great protection, however, I was deeply worried and cautious during this event; that being the time before and during the birth of the child Jesus.”

Jane – “How did the experience serving as the father of Jesus assist you at a soul level?”

Saint Germain – “It was a life in which I was still acquiring lessons. The greatest lesson was to let go of the human Joseph to become the spiritual father of the one to come. This was necessary in order to love mankind and be part of the revelation of the deepest mysteries to those souls who would hear.”

Jane –“Do you work closely with Jesus and Mary now on the other side? What is Jesus’s role now?”

Saint Germain – “Yes indeed. There are some questions simply saved for the future. Understand there is an organization here beyond human understanding. Communication here is instant. We all are united within the universal energy and one cannot fully understand the magnitude of these connections until coming home. You must be patient as we have much work to do.    I leave you with great love.”

Post script-After I finished writing this post I remembered back to 8 years ago—- before Saint Germain arrived in my life, a dream—— In the dream I was standing on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and a man rowed up to the shore on a raft made of wooden logs. He was pushing the raft with a long stick. He told me to step on to the raft and he would take me to the other side!!!

So—- for those of you who don’t keep track of your dreams this is a good reason to do so! At the time I did not know Saint Germain, and I had no idea he had been embodied as the Father of Jesus. I believe this was my first experience of meeting Saint Germain but he showed up as someone I could recognize.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for your interest. Blessings, Jane