Jesus on the Cross

“The way of the cross may be narrow, but Jesus‘s path is in the realm of the invisible. His Calvary may be small, but its effects reach the universe.”   A.G. Sertillanges from the book.  What Jesus saw from the Cross.

Because we are in the season of Lent, I thought it would be appropriate to write about the Master Jesus and his death on the cross.  My questions focus on my own curiosity regarding what is true and what is not about this time in history.  To write about Jesus is a daunting task because so much has already been published about him.  Moreover, the energy required to channel him is often overwhelming because his energy is intense. When I asked Saint Germain to work with me on this topic he also brought in Jesus and Saint Padre Pio. Here is my conversation:

Jane – Is there anything left to know about the crucifixion of Jesus?

Saint Germain – Yes, of course, there is still much to say. The story continues to unfold in your own world today. The energy that began with the life of Jesus is a never ending story.

I addressed the Master Jesus with some of these questions that follow:

Jane-Did Mary know you would return following your death on the cross?

Jesus – No. I tried in my own way to show my mother and followers to see ahead and not accept the event as real. The emotional energy was high and emotion would drown out the truth. As I spoke of being one with the father, it was misunderstood as meaning my death would be final. Only the physical death was perceived. My resurrection and the return as Christ was not understood.

You died for the unholy. What about the millions of unholy people who still exist in this century?

Jesus – This is a simplification. A need to see the truth. All souls received a benefit from my death and resurrection. It allowed them to see the eternal nature of their own unlimited souls. The holy ones understood this. The unholy ones require centuries encased in body after body to reach this deeper understanding.

Jane – Did you know you would rise from the dead and be seen?

Jesus – Yes, I was always in search of my Father’s house. He was calling me home and to the passion of the Christ to work in the world and set an example for souls. The fruits of the spirit outweigh the accumulation of goods.

Jane – Would you put yourself through the crucifixion again if you had to?

(This was my sneaky way of trying to find out about the second coming. The Jewish people, for instance, believe that Christ is yet to come. What happened however is that Jesus knew immediately the real question I was asking?)

Jesus laughed and said, “I understand the deeper meaning of your question. No, for I am here. I do not require to be seen and heard again. God bless you.”

Jane – Did you tell the disciples you would live on? It says in the Bible that shortly before you died you said, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” In some respect, it sounds like you are telling your followers that you would be continuing your work in the world?

Jesus – "My disciples were men were they not?"

Jane – I answered, “Yes, of course.”

Jesus – It was necessary for each to see a demonstration of God’s grace in order to fully accept my teachings. This was true for all. On the return to my flock I proved there exist places beyond human understanding. They were men and would have failed to complete my mission on earth without the miracle of my return in my spiritualized self.

(It was the crucifixion which gave credibility to Jesus’s mission and prepared the disciples for their own work to follow.  This is the way I interpreted his words.)

Jane – How long did you suffer on the cross? It is said in the Bible, moments before you died you said, “Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they do.”

Jesus – This is not correct. You see, the soul within my body was taken prior to the physical death. You have already guessed this have you not?

 I did acknowledge this comment based on a conversation that we had a few years ago.

Jesus continued to say, “My words were spoken many hours before my final breath. My presence on the cross was a lesson to all souls, the leaders of the time, and those given the task of killing me.”

(He repeated what I was told in a previous conversation with him. He did not suffer as many hours on the cross as we were led to believe. He told me that after dusk on that day he was simply a physical body and a symbol. He said, “My spirit was with my father.”

Jane – Were you angry?

Jesus – No, I was resigned and knew of the Father’s protection. It was imperative at this time in history that I suffer, because the divide between good and evil was beyond the understanding of those who live in your world today.

(I think he’s saying that we cannot even imagine the cruelty that existed at that time in history.)

I asked a question about the stigmata, or the wounds of Christ. For those unaware of this term, throughout history, there have been certain individuals who have experienced the wounds of Christ. These wounds are extremely painful and they can bleed profusely. St. Francis of Assisi had these wounds towards the end of his life and St. Padre Pio dealt with the wounds  most of his life. There have also been lay people, who have received the stigmata.

Jane – Please explain the stigmata to me. Wouldn’t you bleed to death?

I found myself getting very emotional during this part of the channeling session.  

Saint Germain said to me, “be steady, and know that this is a symbol of the cross and is given to those to remind the world of the crucifixion and resurrection. It has been a reminder throughout history to look to Christ for your salvation.  Suffering always leads to the light. It is a remembrance of those who dedicated their lives to the service of God and the Universal Energy of love and light.

Jane – Paul, John, and Timothy told the story of Jesus in their letters. What is missing? Were only certain letters chosen to be published by the church?

Saint Padre Pio answered this question. Padre Pio was St. Paul in one of his previous lives

St. Padre Pio- My letters as Paul were widely disseminated. Most were saved or found and then handled by church fathers before being placed before the people. Some were lost as is always the case with such delicate parchments. Some faded and were unable to be deciphered. Nothing was purposely denied to the masses.

I offer a few final thoughts.

The great Master Paramahansa Yogananda said that Jesus knew his preaching of the truth in defiance of the political authority and against the traditions of religion would result in his death. Also, by forgiving the evil actions of his disciples and others, Jesus took on their karmic debt. He would pay by suffering on the cross. Master Yogananda went on to say that Jesus permitted himself to be crucified.   You can read more about this in his book, The Second Coming of Christ, Volume 1.

Now I share with you a little personal information. Some of you know that through the intercession of St. Padre Pio I returned to my Catholic faith. Throughout my life beginning with my childhood, into my teens,--- and beyond into my adult years, when I would attend mass with my family I did not always treat the sacrament of the Eucharist with respect. There were many times when my mind was focused on other things as I received communion.  Through St. Padre Pio and Saint Germain I have come to fully appreciate this Blessed Sacrament which represents the Last Supper when Jesus gave up his body and blood for us.  It is the heart of the Mass and nothing else is more important.  Communion is not a re-enactment of an event which occurred  thousands of years ago, but in fact, happening in real time in churches all over the world.

 I have come done some deep personal reflection, and come to the conclusion that it is ok if  my church does not support my belief in reincarnation because that is not why I attend church.

As a final comment--Saint Germain told me that the souls participating in the life of Jesus, were prepared for the experience prior to birth.

I would love to hear your questions and comments. Sending you all blessings.