Leonardo da Vinci and The Last Supper

Many of you reading this know I am an artist. I have always been curious about the hidden meanings in the work of the great artist Leonardo da Vinci. Over the years many have raised questions about hidden meanings embedded in some of his paintings. I decided to tackle this subject by asking Saint Germain to respond to my questions about the paintings. I’m sure some of my own questions are similar to your own.  Here is my conversation.  These questions concern the painting called The Last Supper.

Jane – Was Mary Magdalene present at the Last Supper? Was she the figure to the right of Jesus in the great painting done by Leonardo da Vinci?

Saint Germain – Yes indeed. It was Mary Magdalene. It is very clear to us, and of some surprise, that there would be a misunderstanding regarding the soul depicted by the artist da Vinci. Jesus loved Mary just as he did the other disciples. She was not a Paramour, but instead a disciple. Jesus was focused solely on his mission on earth to turn mankind to God the creator. His own physical experience was not his concern. The history books have made many mistakes regarding this relationship.

Jane’s note -- Saint Germain wants us to know there was not a romantic relationship between Mary and Jesus. Many spiritual practitioners have reported a different story about this relationship but I always fully accept the teachings of Saint Germain as I hear them and without question. He also went on to say that Jesus loved Mary the same as the others.   Obviously this love was a love for all of his disciples—men and woman!

Jane- There is spilled salt next to Judas’s elbow on the painting of the Last Supper. Is there meaning to this?

Saint Germain – Yes, salt is something one should never waste. It was a luxury during the time of Jesus but you must ask another question: What was Judas giving up in his behavior and actions in turning over the Christ to the authorities--- the most precious mineral salt of all was the blood of Jesus.. This was spilled by the activities of Judas.

Jane- There was another Leonardo da Vinci painting where Jesus holds an orb. In this orb he painted three stars.   The painting is entitled Salvatore Mundi or Savior of the world. Is this a message that Jesus was from another star system – perhaps Orion?  The alignment of the three dots of light has been compared to this star system. Moreover, the three Egyptian pyramids are also positioned to reflect the position of Orion?

Saint Germain – Yes, all aspects of Leonardo’s masterful works are laden with meaning. Leonardo was an old soul and guided by the Masters. He wants all to know – you come from the stars. All sentient beings come from the universal substance of light and this is the same which is used to create the stars. It is a reminder to mankind from Leonardo, who hears the voice of Jesus, to never forget the universal nature of life in the universe. It does not reflect a particular star system. There are a vast number of star systems within your galaxy.

Jane – I thought the comment he made about Leonardo da Vinci in hearing the voice of Jesus was also very interesting. Obviously, Leonardo could hear spiritually.

 Jane - Why is the position of Jesus’s right hand showing the two middle fingers crossed?

Saint Germain –You are connected you see. Never forget to embrace all others. Do you understand?

Jane – I said yes, it sounds so simple but at the same time this is also complex.

Saint Germain – All symbolism is simple from our perspective. Only human personalities complicate the simplicity. The universe is vast but highly organized. It is not complicated.

Jane- In the last painting by Leonardo John the Baptist is shown pointing his finger upwards. Was he pointing to another realm or star system?

Saint Germain – He was pointing to God; the universal light and energy composing and comprising the universe. He points away from the human condition.

Jane- Who was Leonardo da Vinci in previous lives? There was speculation he might be an extraterrestrial. Is this true?

St. Germain – He was a student here – on the higher planes and he will ascend soon. He loves mankind and devoted much of his life as the painter, Leonardo in attempting to share his own inner knowing of the laws of the universe to you.

Jane – I asked St. Germain if we are being visited by alien beings that intend to do us harm.

St. Germain – Yes indeed. As the universe is filled with love; it is also comprised of younger souls with the goal of domination. There is no need to worry as there is a system of control and restraint of those ones such as these.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful summer. I will be posting again in august! Blessings, Jane