Living Beings Beyond Earth

In previous conversations with Saint Germain I was told we are not alone in the Universe and moreover, other sentient beings would never cause harm to us here on earth. This is because they are far more advanced than humans. In this conversation I asked about life on other worlds.  Be sure to read the entire post as the last paragraph reveals information about a  first contact.   I begin with a few sentences from a previous post:

Jane – Where are planets with living beings in relationship to earth?
 St. Germain – Very distant based on your understanding of the universe, and that of earth-based scientists and astronomers. By universal standards they ( the scientists and astronomers)  are very primitive. One day persons on earth will perfect a manner of collapsing space in order to travel between worlds. This is at least two centuries ahead.

Jane – Why do  world governments withhold information  about visitors from outside our galaxy?  

(Many of you may be  familiar with the Roswell incident and how that was covered up very quickly.  There have been many other possible close encounters? )

Saint Germain – This is a very easy question to answer. It is all about fear and control you see. To release the truth would diminish the control of  governments. There would be chaos in some communities, as many are incapable of understanding such information. Revealing this information contains knowledge of connection to other souls removed from the physical surface of planet earth. The vibrations of a whole society would be released. Those souls in the outer universe become aware that their presence is now revealed.  The energy  escalates and a  search for the truth about the existence of other beings  is quickly sought by persons all over your planet. This  is complicated.  Changes occur at the etheric level. Ultimately, the knowledge leads to contact. World leaders do not want to let go of the secrecy.

( We have an etheric body--   sometimes called astral or subtle body.   Saint Germain  says-- just the revelation that we are not alone in the universe will affect us in deep ways-- at  the soul level).

Jane – Do beings from other planets know God?

Saint  Germain – Yes, there is a universal divine energy of God that encompasses all living beings and physical matter. Other civilizations are also  subject to the laws of the universe the same  as earth-based souls. These laws are practiced at a higher level in distant lands, and the people know that all is God, and each living being a part of each other. Life in these places is permeated with the essence of love. The earth is a difficult training ground for souls.

Jane – Why did I choose to come here rather than a more advanced civilization?

(Saint Germain has a sense of humor so I could sense a little amusement when I asked this question!)

Saint Germain – You were anxious to begin your soul journey quickly. The best choice was the environment of competition, physical needs, avarice, greed, and hate. It has been a good decision and you had grown faster towards the light.

Jane- Do other beings breathe?

Saint Germain – The outer atmosphere of many worlds cannot support life, therefore many beings on these worlds must inhabit the internal space of the planet. There was a re-settlement of many bodies when it was discovered there could be a breathable substance inserted into the interiors of the planet's interior.  Some species are able to stimulate a variety of gases to support their bodies. Some do not breathe through a nose. The cells in their bodies can take in the gases of the locality and make them compatible to their vehicles ( bodies).

Jane –. What are the various groups like out there? For instance,  Is there a species called the  " grays" ?

Saint  Germain seemed amused and said, " yes, the little gray beings are from a species not far from the earth. They are curious beings focused only on collecting information about other species. Man is only one. They are scavengers but harmless."

Jane's note--   I found this comment fascinating--   I never would have guessed scavenger.  There are always stories about abductions by little gray men and some speculation they are breeding with our species.   At a later time I will go back to ask Saint Germain to find out how close this species lives to earth!

Jane – Previously  you mentioned  a species called the Blue Avians and told me they were an advanced race familiar with humans.    Is there also  a reptilian species?

Saint Germain – No, however  there are beings who have a lower density of physical matter-- being composed of 60% light and 40% matter. 

Jane – Do  all species have to sleep?

Saint  Germain – Yes, they need rest but not at the same level as the human species.  Man on earth carries the most dense physical body.

Jane – Do the alien species eat,  and if so, what do they eat?

Saint Germain–They must eat, but not as frequently as you.  Much of their food is grown and  they have bypassed the need to cultivate animal species in order to kill for food.

Jane – Do all other species know about the earth?

Saint Germain – Not all –  civilizations in the far reaches of the universe do not specialize in space travel. They let others search the galaxies. Many others do travel throughout the universe.  They have a fascination with the unique qualities of the body and the planet. They are most interested in the oceans. There are very few planetary bodies in outer space with such  vast bodies of water. There has been an attempt to create water areas on other systems-- some have been successful in others have not.

Jane – Can they reproduce?

Saint Germain – Yes, gestation is shorter or longer depending upon the species. The young ones grow to maturity faster than on planet earth.

Jane – Do all planets have suns?

Saint Germain – Yes, there is always a light source. All suns are connected. When you connect with the Central Sun you hold hands with the entire universal light. Light is a requirement for living beings. Many suns exist beyond your sun.

( This topic of the Central Sun  will be covered at another time) 

Jane – Sometimes people report ships in the sky--- where do they hide around  planet earth? Sometimes they are seen and then quickly disappear. 

Saint  Germain – There are devices hiding the ships.  The ship  may be cloaked ( hidden)  in your atmosphere while beings from the star system explore the earth. There is an ability to be invisible. Very rarely is there a breakdown of the invisibility allowing an individual on earth to see past the cloaking.  If it does occur it is often an earthbound soul familiar with other star systems through past experience in other bodies.

Jane -  You have indicated to me that we will understand that we are not alone in my lifetime. Is that still true?

Saint Germain- Yes it is soon to be revealed that you are not alone. There will be accident-- a revealing event in the years ahead. The contact will be captured by many, and it will be impossible for your leaders to hide the events. It will be a turning point in earth history and mark a growth to a new understanding – that there is immense diversity to the universe – far more than ever imagined. These civilizations will teach you. The rapid growth will pull souls higher and ask more of leaders  who will be forced to create a level of transparency never seen before from earth-based world governments.

This final paragraph is exciting. While I was hearing the words form Saint Germain I had this image of hundreds of people capturing the scene on their cell phones.    I wonder -- if the crash  at Roswell, New Mexico had occurred today, could that have been kept secret?    My guess is--probably not.   

I hope you enjoyed .   if you have questions send them along.   Love, Jane