Memorial Day- War Seen from the Other Side

On this Memorial Day  deep gratitude is sent out to all our Veterans who served our country with honor.  Special prayers to those soldiers who lost their physical lives to protect our Country.  

I asked Saint Germain if he would talk about war and he replied---------  the conversation follows:

This three letter word is a terrible thing is it not? All souls are given instructions while in spirit to love unconditionally; however, few remember these final words when captured by the physical body. There will come a time when war is no longer a concern for planet earth. There is a moment on your future calendar, following many more devastating wars, that such a thing will end. Only by experiencing conflict can one rise above it.  Some planetary systems still fight and disagree but war is rare.  Earth is a difficult class to take, and too frequently the class is repeated.

Does a soul still residing in the spiritual world choose to experience war upon the return to the body?

It is never a choice to participate in conflict. One emerges from spirit ready to love. Young souls require war to satisfy their need for importance. These souls, and others at the same level, meet up and instigate conflict. All war arises from a lack of love and the need to be separate from others. All cultures are one despite outward appearances. All souls live underneath the body and they do not look any different than you.

( clarification on this sentence---  he was saying we all the same if you disregard the body. The body is a reflection of our culture, customs and language)

Can we stop war?

Yes, this is possible, and has been done. Great leaders stop conflict but they also may choose war as an answer.  Until war is considered unacceptable and proliferation of weapons, particularly those that kill instantly, are removed, there still remains the temptation to kill.

 What is the experience like for the soldier who dies in battle?

At the moment of death the soul lifts outward from the body. This is done instantly. Pain is rare. However, injury requires the soul to cope with physical pain, death does not. The soldier has no understanding of death. It happens so quickly. They are met by a team of us here who carefully care for the soul and lead them to a place of rest. This event is treated like an injury here, only later is the soldier told they have made the transition back home. Just as a counselor exists in the physical world  they also exist here as well.

Is the soldier allowed to be present during the burial ceremony at the grave?

Yes, they are often allowed to see the ceremony. Some are able to cope with this event, others decline the experience.

 Is the emotion and feeling the same when one is viewing this experience from the spiritual world?

Emotions and feelings carry over but the intensity of the feelings decline very rapidly here. The etheric body is light. One forgets--  and then separation from the physical life occurs very fast.

Have I been a soldier in a previous life?

 All souls have this experience. One time is often enough to decline the experience in the future.

 Will a soldier meet his killer?

This is a possibility. The choice is up to both. Reconciliation with one’s killer often leads to a deeper level of healing and understanding regarding the power of forgiveness. It is encouraged.

 Prayer for the families who lost a loved one in a war

 Holy Father.  Bless all souls who carry a soldier in their hearts. Take the pain of loss back to this one knowing it is returned with greater love  from spirit. This love is a gift of healing.  Deep love and healing energies surround this precious family who carry the memories of their loved soul with them throughout their lives. Remove the pain dear Lord and replace it with the deep wisdom that all souls are quickly reunited in spirit Amen


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Your Questions

Are Crop Circles Real?

 These circles which appear in your fields are made by others who come to visit the earth. The circles are symbolic for the connections of all sentient beings. They remind the world  of this link and energetically have an effect on all those who pay attention to their occurrence. Some are, however, made by man to confuse. All symbols are created with love and only to send messages to those who will notice. This is needed by your species is it not?   I answered yes of course. The world needs all the love it can get.

How are crop circle made?

They are created instantly with a template of the design integrated into an energy driven source. This is like a stamp in your art box and the image is imprinted in the field.

Who participates in making the crop circles?

They are a group that comes together to perform this task.  They represent souls from each of the planets who serve on the Galactic Council.

                                                                                                Love,  Jane