My Brother's Death

My Brother’s Death

I am sharing a deeply personal experience with my readers. I’m doing this as some of you may have experienced something similar.  There are many parts of this experience where clearly there was intervention by spirit. I’ve written about death before, but with the death of my brother I had additional questions. Some of these may be questions you have asked yourself as well.

I was teaching and doing readings in the state of Maryland during the middle of March. I was scheduled to do a group reading on Saturday, March 26. I was staying with my sister and I told her on the Friday before that I was tired and needed to leave a day early. This decision was unusual for me because I always keep my commitments.  In this case I felt a compulsion to go.

My plan was to visit my brother John who lives in a town south of Pittsburgh near the home of my sister Priscilla.  I had driven six hours and was approaching the exit to his town when I received a call from Priscilla. She told me that my brother was dead and that I should be very calm and drive into my brother’s community to meet her and my brother-in-law at the police station.

It was clear this point that there had been intervention by spirit. The probability that I would be in this place at this exact moment, on the day that I was supposed to be elsewhere was too great. Even my sister Priscilla said I can’t believe that you are here.

My brother was a beautiful soul. He was born as the third child in our family. I am the oldest. From the time he was 17 he struggled with drug addiction. For many years he rose above it and brought up three beautiful children in the state of Florida.  The economy took a dive and he began to use drugs again.  He became homeless. My sister Priscilla managed to get him on a plane and fly him north where there is a wonderful drug rehabilitation center.   I believe my sister saved his life because he had been on the street in Florida.

He was in Pennsylvania for a few years. He became clean and turned his life over to God.  He worked in the kitchen and was well liked.  He often talked about his search for God. He read the Bible over and over again and never missed service. God became his life and God was working through his life.

On Good Friday, 2016 my brother died after falling into a deep and narrow 20 foot concrete well at the side of the apartment building where he lived. It appeared that he must have fallen headfirst but we are not sure. There were no strong barriers to protect one from falling, and it was a miracle that nobody had suffered a similar accident. He was 57 years old.

My sister, brother in law and myself identified his body at the morgue and then  drove to his apartment to remove his belongings. As I approached the building a woman greeted me and threw her arms around me. I did not know this woman but she had heard of my brother's death and was comforting me. I read her energy and it felt good. She was moving into the apartment next to my brother's spot. She had been homeless.  Instead of taking Johns belongings we moved them into this woman's space. She had nothing and was so grateful for even a pot or a spoon.  I was deeply moved by the way spirit works with all of us---quietly and efficiently.

The next day my Maryland-based sister Susan was driving and she heard a song that was the childhood favorite of hers and my brother and it was, Hello It’s Me.”  John found a way of telling her that he was okay.

( There are always signs and clues left by the deceased for family.  I believe that these signs are often manifested by spirit on behalf of the individual who has passed to bring comfort to loved ones. )

I asked Saint  Germain to speak about my brother's death.  He acknowledged the great pain that I was feeling and said,” it is with great heaviness I see you today – for the loss of a sibling is deeper than what one may experience with an acquaintance.  You are united in the flesh through your shared parents, and this connection is one that binds you together – both physically and mentally.  Your brother feels deep sadness for his sudden departure, but also a relief.  He feels a deep sadness for the abruptness and inability to say goodbye to this family particularly the children.

I asked Saint Germain if my brother was still sleeping.

 Saint Germain- "Yes, he is in a semi-trance state in order to rest and heal, but able to review the activities he left behind. He did see and feel your presence at the hospital shortly after his passing."

(In previous posts I have discussed the sleep that occurs after death. In this case, it appears it was a longer period of time. Normally the person who has died sees their own funeral from a dream- like state)

I asked Saint Germain to explain exactly how this seeing into the physical world happens shortly after death?

 Saint Germain – "It is not seeing in the way you do with your eyes – it is a knowing. His energy is linked to you and your sister. And so your energy acts on his behalf you see. It provides him with the connection and the relief in the sense that he can let go."

Jane- In terms of our physical time how long does he sleep?

Saint Germain – "This is unique to each and related to the departure of the soul. Your brother will remain in a deep sleep for months of your time. When he is woken it will be to gentle care and a review of his life’s experience. He is what we refer to as a younger soul with a weaker inner energy who has given into the animal body.  This of course is the physical and as such is given much guidance and support."

I asked if I had seen him in a tall building in my dreams where each soul had a small room where they were sleeping? Saint Germain said, " yes it is one of the healing centers-- on a level where souls are taken to heal. This is a place where there is a longer process to the awake state."

I asked Saint Germain if it his death was an accident.

Saint Germain – "It was an accident and could have been avoided. He was feeling good. His leg buckled and as such he dropped an object and went forward.

Jane- Was it is his time?

Saint Germain – "Yes indeed his final exit."

(I have been told by Saint Germain we choose the time of our death. We have three exit points selected before birth.)

Jane – Has he seen our Father?

(My father died in 2004)

Saint Germain – "No it is not time. Your father is aware he is in his spiritual body. He awaits the reunion but knows this must happen after the rest."

Jane – What can you say about drug addiction? It is running rampant in this country and all over the world.

Saint Germain – "This is the escape from the soul’s purpose – to delay the work you see. To go into the body’s feelings centers which act like walls. These walls shield the soul from his or her responsibilities. It feels safer than facing the work. Life in the body requires effort and all souls know this. They agreed to the experience and when returning here they are brought the remembrance of their pledge to do the work. During their lifetime guides and angels prompt them to remember. The soul can sink lower into physicality- the body is the presence hiding them from the real world. There are some who would repeat this experience in many bodies. Some who have affected others through using substances are caught in the lower layers until they are brought upward. This is hard work for us here."

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Love, Jane