Nothing is an Accident and The Course in Miracles

Nothing is an Accident and the Course in Miracles

For those of you unfamiliar with the Course in Miracles, it was written in the 70 's and is considered a channeled text. The voice of Jesus was heard by a professor at Columbia University in New York City. This story is well documented.  You can read more about it online.  The book is now considered one of the greatest spiritual textbooks of all time. Millions of people have read it. When channeling, Jesus said to me, “the material contained in this book is more than a single book, but each word is a miracle and a gift to the reader.”  Because of this, there are study groups all over the World. I will share my own miracle story connected to the book plus new information given to me by Jesus.

I start by saying – Nothing is an accident!    Many years ago when I was in my late 20's I was producing a television program on cable access TV. Everybody who produced their own show had to volunteer a certain number of hours a month on another person’s show. Like many of you, I was always drawn to the subject of spirituality and I chose to operate the camera for a show about the Course in Miracles.  I really didn’t understand what they were talking about, but I wanted to learn more.  I also joined a study group in my community and we discussed the Course in Miracles once a month.  I purchased the book but I didn't understand the content so I dropped out of the group. I buried the book away in a closet.  I wouldn’t find it for 20 years.

 Jesus said to me, “The inner power of this manuscript is not often felt on the first attempt to understand the writings; but later, after one studies it.  He continued to say, “Once the energy of the words and meaning behind them are felt, the miracle occurs. It was not designed to be an easy book, but one which would make you dive deeper into the reality of who you really are and to carefully look at your present life remembering you are eternal.”

Many years later I was living in Florida.  I was also in a very abusive marriage.  The week before I left Florida to move to Maine I was in a bookstore and picked up a book sitting alone on a shelf.  The book called to me!!!  The book was called “The Disappearance of the Universe.” This is written by Gary Renard and is about his own personal introduction to The Course in Miracles.   I read Gary’s book with great interest.  I wondered if I still had my Course in Miracles book set aside so many years ago.

(I recommend Gary Renard’s books)

Shortly thereafter, I arrived in my new apartment in Maine.  (I was still in a very bad marriage).  Many boxes previously in storage were delivered to our apartment.   On the top of the first box I opened was The Course in Miracles. It wasn’t wrapped.  It was sitting on top of everything else in the box!!   I picked up the book. I began to read it again almost 20 years after I had purchased it.   I said to myself, “why didn’t I understand this? It makes complete sense to me now.” I couldn’t put it down.  The story gets even better. The book leads me in an incredible direction!!!    I’m going to direct you to my video posted in my newsletter so you can listen to the rest of the story!!! It is called simply, “My Journey with the Course in Miracles. “ This book was my life boat that year.  It was the proverbial First Day of the Rest of My life!

The video will also be posted on my You Tube page.

In a channeled session, I asked Jesus questions regarding the book. I asked him if I should encourage my students, and those of you who follow me on my website to read the book.   I have recommended reading the lessons before the text.   There are 3 parts to the book; Text, Lessons, and Teacher’s Manual.   This is our conversation:

Jesus – Do not place conditions on those who are drawn to the material. Each soul knows best how to approach it. Souls who choose to read my words are on an accelerated path within their own journey as unlimited beings. All souls must read the first chapter regarding Miracles and then the rest is a choice.

Jane – Can you explain the miracle that occurs?

Jesus – The miracle occurs through my guidance. My words and the energy of the words contain a vibration that affects the mind of the reader. Do you understand?

(I thought I had never heard this before but when I looked through some older conversations with him and Saint Germain he had said the very same thing years ago. In the previous conversation he said, “The writings contain energy – not just words, and the effect on you is the miracles.”)

Jesus – This is why the book is alive. It guides the mind and affects the body.  The lessons will be noticed in your daily earthly experience and then the miracle occurs.

Jane – Please explain the miracle?

Jesus – It is the complete re-assessment of one’s image of themselves as a body.  It allows you to see the unlimited light and consciousness of who you truly are and release your fear. It was I who died in order for you to understand this miracle. The light was given to you all.

(In the first sentence above he is saying we change form but we do not die.)

He continued to say, “The material contained in the book is more than a single book. Each word is a miracle and a gift to the reader. The inner power of this manuscript is often felt on the first attempt to understand the writings, or later in its study. Once the energy of the words and meanings behind them are felt, the miracle occurs.”

Jane – Again, I asked, what is the miracle?

Jesus –“The miracle is the change that happens within a person’s heart. The unconditional love is felt as one begins to practice this within the context of one’s own life. Have you not experienced this miracle yourself?”

Jane – I answered “Yes.” There was a moment in my life where I needed to practice one of the most important teachings of the course which is forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

I asked him if he wanted me to teach the Course. Even though I’m on my fifth reading, I’m still not sure if I am fully qualified to teach it.  He said yes, “this is why I’m pushing you to read it once again. You are already asking the question, how do I teach this?”

Those of you who are familiar with the Course will appreciate my next question--- I asked him about the confusion in the terminology.  I said, " I would like to substitute the word person for  the word ego. Both point to our limitations as human beings.  Is this acceptable?"   He agreed this was acceptable to him and I feel most people can relate better to the word person. 

I went on to talk to him about the mind. I asked, “Do you really mean consciousness?”  I followed this by saying it is my understanding that consciousness is eternal but the mind and body are not?

Jesus – “Consciousness works through the mind.  The mind belongs to the physical, but is greater than this. For now, see consciousness expressing through the mind. This is acceptable. I ask you to go beyond the mind to seek pure consciousness.”

In The Course the mind is described as if it has two parts – spirit and ego. In this way it says the mind is split.  The spirit is in contact with God through the Holy Spirit.  The ego is our personhood or the illusion of a separate mind.    The Course also teaches that the mind can either be right or wrong depending upon the voice it listens to. The question is, “is it listening to the Holy Spirit or Christ, or our personal ego?"  Consciousness receives messages from both the ego and the Holy Spirit.

 (In the course, if the word mind is capitalized it refers to God or Christ---- in the sense of the mind of God or the mind of Christ.  The word Spirit is the thought of God which he created like himself.  The Course teaches that our minds are split because we appear to be separate from each other. )

I hope this has sparked some interest in you to read the book. It is available in most bookstores and is published by ACIM. There are many good articles available that define the terminology of the book.   

Be sure to listen to the rest of my story on the video!!

Blessings to you