Out of This World

Out of This World


I asked Saint Germain some of my own out of this world questions. I thought you would enjoy reading the answers.  I’ve always been very interested in disclosure; in other words, when will we know we are not alone in the universe? Saint Germain said not until the beginning of 2020 into the decades ahead.  I asked him if the extraterrestrials were already here. There are always reports of strange objects coming out of the ocean off the coast California. In fact, there was an incident caught on radar by one of our military planes of an unidentified flying object. This was in the newspapers. He laughed and said yes, there are hiding places. Those from other systems can cloak their ships so they are unseen. The sightings have a purpose and are done so you will see the ships and become accustomed to the idea there are others in the universe.

Jane’s comment-I found this to be interesting. It sounds like we are being prepared slowly to accept the idea that we are not alone. I believe there would be mass chaos all across the globe if disclosure happened too quickly.  A few months ago there was a newspaper article--I believe it was in the New Youk Times-- which mentioned a sighting of an unidentified flying object.  

Saint Germain continued to say he was  not in a position to share a great deal of information about this, however, extraterrestrials, meaning  those who live on other planetary systems are already here. He said it is simply a question of when they willfully reveal themselves. He went on to say there are numerous civilizations throughout the universe – too many to name. He reminded me we had already discussed a group called the Federation of United Planets. They work together to create harmony throughout the universe. He said, the earth will become a member of this group towards the new era which will begin around 3000. He went on to say we are one of the younger civilizations and will be one of the last to be” integrated into the whole” as he puts it.  

Along the same lines I was curious about all the engineering feats  happening during the early days of our planet. I’m thinking of the pyramids in Egypt and the place called Machu Picchu in South America. I asked Saint Germain if there was some type of extraterrestrial assistance in building these places. He said, this is a very large topic and you already know there was outside intervention on planet earth. There were souls who agreed to push the earth forward – to establish buildings and structures of great note to reflect what was in the heavenly realms. The great pyramids were built by outsiders. Some of the same groups will return to earth upon disclosure.

I asked Saint Germain about earth changes. About five years ago when we wrote our first book together he mentioned in five years there would be some earth changes. He replied, “Yes, earth changes will occur. I asked if California was going to experience an increased number of earthquakes. He said,  "no, changes will occur in the oceans first. As the oceans rise there will be some loss of land. This is a slow process. Over time smaller events will become larger events.  He continued to say the hurricanes we had this past summer were the beginning of these ocean-based changes."

I changed the subject and asked him if there was a geometric grid or lay lines covering planet Earth.   I mentioned an experience I had  in Ireland a few years ago in one of the ancient tombs. I saw what appeared to be blue intersecting lines in the tomb. Because I was there with a group on a shamanic trip I was in an altered state when I saw this.  Saint Germain  said, "yes, there is a great grid underlying the earth’s crust. The purpose will be revealed to you when disclosure has been declared. These lines are also part of the universal symbol --a communication system of sorts between all planets. "

Finally I asked him about Michelangelo. I’m an artist and I’ve always been curious about this man who lived at a time when other individuals were backward in their thinking. Saint Germain said, "He is a highly evolved soul who raised mankind up through his writings and artistic endeavors.” He continued to say, “Michelangelo pushed past his current day restrictions. He showed the world an expanded view of humanity, through the strength of his mind and his worldly and spiritual pursuits. He was a genius, but also a highly evolved soul.”  I asked him if Michelangelo was an ascended being. He said, “No, he continues to incarnate into physical form and has not been on the world stage. He always works in the background it is his choice.”

I hope you have all enjoyed this monthly post.   I love your comments and will answer them here.  Many Blessings, Jane