Paris, France

I am sharing a conversation I had with Saint Germain and the Master Jesus concerning the terrorist attacks in Paris.  There is also an audio version on my sound cloud page.   You can go to the audio version at ---

Paris 2015


I am deeply disturbed by what has happened in the country of France. Hundreds of people were gunned down last weekend by Islamic terrorists. This followed the downing of an airplane with over 200 people on board who were killed by a bomb. The world is mourning with the people of France and particularly those in Paris. Americans have been injured and killed as have other citizens in other parts of the world. There appear to be many who if given the opportunity would not retaliate in such a situation believing that only love will solve the problem. There are leaders who seem unable to name the conflict as Islamic terrorism and to offer support to other countries in the region fighting this evil.

St. Germain came forward along with Jesus and this is our conversation. I expressed to both of them that I was distraught personally about what is going on in the world and that many were unable to support strong retaliation against those who commit the crime of taking other people’s lives. I was reminded of the Holocaust and the loss of life by the Jewish people and the rise of the Nazis during World War I and World War II. There was complacency then and unfortunately many of the Jews died in the ovens as a result of the hesitation of world leaders to become involved in the conflict. I asked Saint Germain and Jesus to help me resolve these issues in my own mind.

St. Germain said-- "It is with great sadness that we look upon the divisions between souls on planet earth. This is a place where lessons abound for the peaceful and for those who commit crimes against them. There are those who attempt to reconcile such actions with love and understanding and so we will address your deep concerns and heartache and in doing so help others as well."

I said to Saint Germain-- there are those that believe that in the eyes of God it is not a loving thing to retaliate against those who would do us harm. I wondered if this was correct.

St. Germain and Jesus did not answer me right away but re-stated my question. "Your question dear is one of whether a separate soul or the authority under which one is governed has the right under God’s law to act against evil? the answer to this question is yes. It is necessary for the protection of life which is sacred to allow souls to live without fear and to complete their soul’s purpose on earth. You are correct that nothing is real- only what is in existence at the upper levels of energy where I sit is the truth really known."

He continued" the authorities on your planet have an obligation to limit the aggression of souls who commit evil acts. It is a commandment – though shalt not kill-- and one shall not place false gods ahead of you. And such is the situation with the evil existing in your current world. They must be forgiven for they do not know of what they do.

St. Germain motioned me over to sit with him and Jesus. I see this clairvoyantly as I listen to their words.

Jesus spoke and said-- "all acts of violence and even minor disagreements are subject to the law of forgiveness and this is also the taking of another person’s life. No good can come for allowing those who desire to practice evil to remain in the flesh. One must remove them and allow us to retrain their souls. Thus the innocent must be protected, and in doing so you are forgiven just as you forgive others. So there are situations in which the taking of a life is permissible in the eyes of God."

I mentioned the saying—an I for an I and a tooth for tooth.

St. Germain continued and said," yes, this is one of the sayings handed down through history. Good always overcomes evil and it is an obligation of your leaders to protect all who are unable to do this for themselves.

I mentioned World War II and the persecution of the Jewish people during the Holocaust and how complacent the world was at that time. I recall that there were leaders who were hesitant to act. Neville Chamberlain is one that comes to my mind.

Jesus blessed me for acknowledging the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people and said that there were still many lessons to be learned from the persecution of this race. Many suffered needlessly in the interim between the days of torture and reconciliation.

There are times when spirit works with leaders to guide their actions. World War II was such a time and there were those who refused to stop Hitler and abnegated their duties despite knowledge that evil lived in their world.

I asked about our president and the fact that he was very hesitant to go into the Middle East with enough force to really take out this group called Isis.  I continued to express the fact he is reluctant to help those countries in the region who are fighting this evil on their own. I expressed my great pain that the United States was lacking in being first on the scene and coming to the assistance of others.

St. Germain –" it is with deep sadness that there are those in high positions do not follow their own compass. Your leader knows that he is committing acts that will cause the suffering of many, yet he himself is severely compromised and ego driven through his own self-protection. Ultimately, there is no result that will be good for the citizens of what has always been the great land of America."

 I asked-- how do we protect our families and are there things coming in the next year that we need to know about?

 St. Germain – "one must not live in fear as to do so is to relinquish your freedom is it not?"

I answered in the affirmative

St. Germain continued --" one may expect the clusters of evil will be discovered within the borders of all free people in the years ahead. One must be aware of those with one whom one associates. Be discerning and aware of your surroundings. Do not give into the temptation to retreat to a safe place, as no physical location is such a thing as safe. Pray for your leaders that good and courageous men and women will come forward as a force to combat evil and seed the planet with love. Know that many spiritual forces are on the planet and also other worlds that have left the war and violence behind after eons of conflict themselves. They are also available energetically in the vibration of the Earth’s field."

I asked if he would say just a little more and perhaps a prayer for the French people

"Viva La France--- love and blessings are showered upon the people of this land. Angels abound and encircle those who weep. Loved ones in pain and suffering are held in gentle arms of light beings.  Support is given to step ahead into a place of rest and healing. All souls are connected and all must come together in unity and shared purpose to love one another and to forgive “those who commit evil – yet to refuse association with those who perpetuate these crimes. God is the force deciding the course of one’s life stream, and those who take a life before their time in the physical classroom are subject to harsh laws of re-education and separation in the higher realms. God Bless America and the world."