Relationships form Spiritual Perspective

For those of you expecting part two of my conversation with the extraterrestrial Oashpe it will be my November post!

In my readings, Saint Germain  answers many questions about relationships. These questions range from “are we meant to be together?” “Is this the right person for me?”  Or when will I meet someone special?  We all desire and search for connections with other people.  Parental, sibling, and couple relationships rank at the top in terms of their importance for our spiritual growth.  Often, these relationships are planned on the other side so we may grow spiritually through the relationship. I will share some of the general guidance I’ve received regarding this subject. Perhaps it will help some of you who struggle with your personal connections – be they romantic or simply friendships.

Many relationships are based on our desires and needs.  A relationship should not complete you or solve your problems.  First you have to love yourself or the other person will be your crutch. Divine love must be practiced without any conditions. It’s not easy to reach the level of divine love. In order to do so, we must rise above our physical experience and see all relationships from a spiritual point of view. Everyone is part of Source or God.  In many instances our relationships end up being conditional. This means one or both individuals have chosen to be together in order to satisfy their own needs.

You are on earth to learn lessons in order to expand your soul’s wisdom. Relationships offer the most powerful opportunity to do this.  Remember, each person exists at a different soul level. For instance, an old soul who has lived many lifetimes may be placed in a relationship with a much younger soul. Perhaps, the old soul decided to take on the challenge of helping the younger soul to become more aligned with their spiritual self.  If you chose this path you will be inclined to love your partner and bless them despite the challenges that may arise in the relationship.  If it becomes too difficult to remain in the relationship a choice must be made to go forward or detach from this person, but to do so with great love.

When we look at relationships in general, including friendships, there are important things to consider.  All relationships are acts of love.  Some of you cannot believe this. You might say, I’ve had terrible relationships based on anything but love! My response is this, any connection with another human being in which you give him or her your attention, is an act of love. Think about this for a moment. In every encounter in which you acknowledge or express concern is an act of love.  This is giving another soul your personal attention. When you put conditions upon this attention you are only giving them conditional love.

How do you know if a relationship is built on conditions?  When you need to receive something in order to give.  This may take the form of --I will give you my attention if you will stop nagging me. Or I will hold back my love until I get what I want from you. Often the partner thinks their life would be different if you were better able to meet their needs.

If you are married to a demanding spouse and they want you to be or act differently that is still love. They are giving you attention and they believe their actions serve your highest good but this is the way they see it, not the way you do.  People may not give you love the way you want it, but they will give love in the only way they know how. It could be unpleasant, and you may not accept the conditional love offered. Therefore, you may decide to remove yourself from the relationship. But, if you decide to love without conditions, and this means without expectations of receiving anything in return, you will see real love working in your relationship. If you love your partner exactly as they are you will set an example and also be loved back exactly as you are.  In order to be successful you are called to see yourself as the eternal soul, not the narrow, fearful little self.

SaintGermain has said many times that the ideal relationship is to find a person at the same soul level as yourself. When we are young mistakes are easy to make. Part of this is related to our physical desires. These desires are highly active in our younger bodies. In some respects we are looking for the physical connection versus the spiritual one. As we get older we realize physical attraction is not so important.  Personal appearance, sexiness, or wealth will never result in a deep and holy relationship. 

Some live through more than one marriage or relationship before understanding the principle of unconditional love. Stop and think for a moment about your Guardian Angels, Master Teachers, and Guides who work with us every day without conditions. Even the worst of the worst gets their attention!

 In closing, if you alone or seeking a future relationship take your time and be sure you completely understand the divinity of a future relationship. Evaluate your motivations in seeking a relationship. If the motivation is based on fulfilling physical needs it is not a good choice. If another person touches you at the soul level you are on the right track.  If you already know a person is hateful, ill tempered, and self-centered you may want to end a relationship that will not serve you.

If you’re currently in a relationship and you’re unhappy, re-evaluate it by asking these questions. Does my partner give me attention--- good or bad? Have I learned lessons from this relationship? Has my partner grown from this relationship?  If so, how am I different today than I was when we first came together?  Have I been able to forgive my partner when they have hurt me? Have I been able to forgive myself in the same way? If you follow a spiritual path ask your guides for help in order to lead you to the wisdom of creating relationships from a deeper soul perspective.


Finally, I want to end by reminding you, that anyone that gives you attention is sending you love.       I am giving you all my attention!!!!   Love, Jane