Religion versus Spirituality

Religion versus Spirituality

   Most people who call themselves spiritual are often not religious, and vice versa.  There are also folks who will say, “I have outgrown religion and now I have found spirituality, ” implying there is a greater value in defining oneself as spiritual, or perhaps one considers themselves more sophisticated as a spiritual person instead of a religious one. In my own opinion there does not need to be a separation between the two. On my You Tube channel this month I explore this further.

One of my students was facing this challenge and she had some excellent questions about the process of integrating one’s spirituality with organized religion. I know that many of you have also struggled with this question. Of course, I went directly to Saint Germain.  The conversation below is a mix of my student’s questions and my comments.

Student asks- – Neale Donald Walsh who wrote the talking with God books says, “Let go of religion and experience directly.” In a sense, he is saying go directly to God instead of to church. What can you say about this?

Saint Germain – Most souls on earth today do not seek God themselves as they do not know there is a way. Your churches are designed to bridge this endeavor. It is as one jumps off a diving board into the water and must first teach the child how to jump --- and then address the fear of taking the leap.

Jane – So organized religion serves a function?

Saint Germain – Yes, the individual’s religious experience should be in union with the gathering of a group. There is power in prayer when many gather together.

The following question is my question regarding the Catholic Church and the fact that we have communion every Sunday

Jane – In the Catholic Church we have communion every Sunday. Other churches only offer communion on special occasions, but Catholics consider this a special event?

 Saint Germain – Yes indeed.  The most sacred event in Christianity is within Catholicism. The experience of receiving communion transcends the outer appearances of the ritual, as it places within a human being the light of Christ in the current moment.

I have to comment that I loved what he said because in my own personal experience as a Catholic, the highlight of the Catholic Mass is the receiving of communion.  It took me many years to return to my faith of Catholicism and I talk a little bit about this on my August video.  Some of you know it came about through the intercession of Saint Padre Pio.

Back to my student’s questions:

My student – Were you Saint Germain a part of an organized religion when you are embodied in a human body? And were you ever a Catholic?

Saint Germain- He laughed which he often does when we are talking to each other and he said , “I have chosen in my selection of lives to experience religion as well as no religion. All souls are encouraged to choose lives in this way. As one grows, there is a steady movement back to God. Old souls seek this universal energy. You are an example of one who finds God everywhere and desires the gathering of others to share your faith as well.”

Student – Does the purpose of the church change over the centuries or remain the same? What can you say about Catholic versus Protestant churches?

Saint Germain – The purpose should always remain focused on the universal truths. There is a universal energy called God. All souls are connected in this energy. There are many spiritual beings to be called upon here in the upper energies to assist in one’s faith and life.”

Jane – Are you referring to the saints?

Saint Germain – Yes, we do not assign value to one church or another. One will taste all churches over time. The Saints are Masters here and are greatly acknowledged by your Catholic faith. Those who partake of the energy of these Masters understand the power of miracles through prayer.

Student – Does devotion to one’s religion help one to ascend quicker?

Note – Ascension means we do not have to return to a human body. In other words, our human work is over and we work from the spiritual planes.

Saint Germain – Yes indeed. All souls seek truth in some way and eventually a rise above the material side of life.

Student – Is the Catholic faith a special place because Mary and Jesus are revered?  This is particularly true of Mary in respect to the Catholic faith as in protestant religions she is rarely mentioned? Also, are Mary and Jesus known outside of earth?

Saint Germain – Yes, all the Masters who have walked on earth including Jesus and Mary are known elsewhere. The outer planets have their own great ones and thus do not revere the Christian souls on earth in their own tabernacles.

Jane asks – Have I met one of these extraterrestrial great ones?

Saint Germain – He laughed at me and said yes indeed, my Lady Portia and many others you will remember when you return here to your home.

I laughed for a moment because Lady Portia is Saint Germain’s twin soul and I have spoken to her but it is very rare when she comes into one of my readings.

Student – How do you know if a spiritual channel is truly authentic?  Many spiritual mediums talk about moving past traditional religion and into a new earth and higher dimensions?

Saint Germain – This is regrettable because there are those who serve the light who should not close doors for those they serve. The attitude of one who translates my messages to the world must accept all religions and spiritual masters. All souls progress at their own pace and the helpers who walk with us must encourage faith; especially for the multitude as they begin to look away from the earthly things in full realization of the magnificence of spirit and the universal energy of God.

Jane’s comment- I don’t believe the channels she was referring to are putting down organized religion, but simply not promoting it openly.

Student – Why does the Catholic faith focus on suffering?

Saint Germain – It is true is it not? All souls suffer, and to understand the suffering of others and the ability to ascend past the suffering assists souls in rising above their own trials. It is therefore unity of consciousness of which I speak; all coming together in suffering, but also in love.

Saint Germain’s last comment was to my student who presented me with these questions. He said, “you are an old soul living in the light which will allow you to serve the Hierarchy. This journey through time has served you well. God bless you dear one.”

The Hierarchy are the Masters like Saint Germain who serve mankind.

 I also personally send a big thank you to the person who sent me the questions. I’m sure you know who you are!   Hugs!

Be sure to listen to my latest YouTube video where I will talk a little more about my own experience in integrating spirituality and religion.  Thank you for being a part of my spiritual family, Love, Jane