Saint Padre Pio

  Saints, Ascended Masters, and other great spiritual teachers may have left the physical body but they are still active in the physical world assisting humankind.  We must be sensitive to the vibrations of the spiritual world. I tell my students to feel the vibration of their guides so they can have a relationship with them.  There is a physical connection. Those of you who are old souls know exactly what I’m saying.  I am sharing a personal story of an encounter with a Saint. In some ways this experience was similar to my first meeting with Saint Germain which also occurred while I was sleeping.

In early November I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night. I clearly saw three figures standing in front of me.   Saint Germain was on the left, Jesus in the center, and a male figure dressed in simple brown robes stood to the far right.  I have often had lucid dreams. I clearly recognized Jesus and Saint Germain but I needed to be told who the 3rd presence was.  Saint Germain acknowledged my confusion in not being able to identify this particular figure.  He said, this is Padre Pio and we are here to introduce you to him.  The dream ended.  I immediately said to myself--- Jane, don’t forget the name!

 I had no idea if there was such a person. The next morning I went directly to my computer to find out if there was someone named Padre Pio. I was shocked to learn he was a Catholic Saint--- one of two Saints who carried the stigmata. St. Francis of Assisi was the other.    Despite my Catholic upbringing, I had never heard of this Saint.

(The stigmata is a term used by members of the Christian faith to describe body marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, such as the hands, wrists, and feet. Many reported stigmatics are members of Catholic religious orders.

As soon as I was able I sit down and have a conversation with Saint Germain I asked him about the dream. He said, “Padre Pio carries a unique holy vibration and is overshadowed by Jesus and the energy of the crucifixion--- thus aligned with the one named Padre Pio who was, with the Master Jesus and a disciple. He is more than what is perceived by the historical record you see-- one who carried the truth and deep connection with Jesus – as they are brothers. Know that you are chosen to carry the energy of Saint Pio into your work and life.”

 My first question was---which disciple was he?   I assumed Saint Germain was referring to a previous life. 

Saint  Germain – Paul of Tsarsus. It was he ( Padre Pio)  who chose to come back into a physical body to show man the glory and beauty and miracle of the Christ--- in the way of taking on the physical aspects of the crucifixion and the great example Jesus set the world.

(  Paul; of Tsarsus---commonly known as Saint Paul, and also known by his native name Saul of Tsarsus. He was an apostle (though not one of the Twelve Apostles) who taught the gospel of the Christ to the first century world.

Jane – Is Padre Pio going to work with me, and if so in what way?

Saint Germain – You will work with him very directly-- not as one who is an occasional visitor you see. He will overshadow you along with me and Jesus – to strengthen the guidance you may offer in a time of great importance in your history. The deep connection with one’s source and the vibration of all there is has been lost by many souls. It is through you and others like you that we re-kindle the memories of who you are-- not bodies-- as I said before. Carry this blessing with reverence and call on the Padre often.

Following the dream about Padre Pio and follow up conversation with Saint Germain I happened to be talking to one of my sisters. She was cleaning out my mother’s house. My mother died in September and we have been working to pack her belongings. I told my sister what happened to me and she became very excited and said that there was a book of prayers by Padre Pio on my mother’s sofa and she wasn’t sure whether to keep it or to throw it away. She said I’ll save it for you.  This of course was another sign.

A few days later I was trying to e-mail one of my clients-- I tried numerous times without success. Finally I picked up the phone and called her.   I the second sentence she said to me was, “Jane, do you know Padre Pio?    So, the signs kept coming.

Always be aware that spirit uses many ways to speak to us. Pay attention and don't rush through your day without taking time to connect with the Universal Energy. 

I began to feel the presence of Padre Pio around me. It is distinctly different from Saint Germain as it brings me to tears easily.  It feels similar to  Jesus.  I began to feel the need to go back to my Catholic roots. What always separated me from Catholicism was my strong belief in reincarnation. Although the Catholic Church talks about everlasting life it does not go any further to say what everlasting life means.  Eastern religion has always supported re-birth through many physical bodies.  Saint Germain has confirmed for  me that this is true. I knew at a very young age that death was an illusion. We die and return again and again into a physical body until we ascend and do not need to return.

I said to Saint Germain, 

“I am feeling a strong pull to go back to my original faith of Catholicism; however it does not mirror my beliefs. Two key beliefs—we are sinless in the eyes of God and we reincarnate are not taught by the Catholic faith. What do you advise?

Saint Germain – I do not need to answer this because you know this yourself. One can be a part of an organization without total connection with the theory behind the structure. It is the highest vibration of spirit which is practiced in this old church. You have been a part of the same faith in many incarnations and as you progress higher in your relationship with us here you are called to home-- the place you have always served and simply be in peace that you are able to discern the greater truths of everlasting life.

This helped me consider the serious decision to be a returning Catholic.  I knew from reading about the life of Padre Pio how important confession was to him.  I knew deep in my heart confession would be necessary before I could fully work with this Saint.  This is difficult for me because I do not believe in sin. I do accept  making  poor decisions and having bad judgement. But the word sin has always been a problem.   I prefer to use the word error.

And so, I am in deep contemplation about my next step. I am excited about the possibility of channeling messages from Padre Pio, however my intuition tells me that the next encounter with him will be on his terms and after I’ve done some inner work of prayer and meditation. Working with Spirit requires a period of time in which there is relationship building.  I expect it will be months before I know how Padre Pio will emerge in my work. 

This is a good lesson and paying attention everything that happens in our lives. I tell my classes – be a hunter of signs. Don't overlook anything.  Saint Germain would say "be attuned" to the spiritual world and all the messages that are given to you each moment. Open up to this--- meditate at least once a day and preferably longer. All relationships with the spiritual world require effort.

 Padre Pio was born in Italy and worked there his entire life. He  brought miracles to many in the form of physical healing.   He is a recent Saint having died in 1968. The Catholic Church was not kind to him during the first years he had the stigmata. He was banned form saying Mass. Later, the church accepted his gifts and embraced him.

There are many U-Tube Videos devoted to his life. 

Let me know if you liked this article---   I love you comments and questions.  Love, Jane