Signs and Symbols from Spirit

Signs and Symbols-Part 1

There is a path, why wander into the woods?

Every aspect of our lives is guided with signs and symbols placed on our path by angels, guides, and our own ancestors.   You might say our lives fall into patterns. If we can identify the patterns and follow the higher guidance available to us, life will become easier. Carl Jung said, “There is a law to the universe and all life is a pattern if you can see it.”

Master Hilarion, who along with St. Germain helped me to channel this information said, “there are groups of souls who work to place symbols upon each person’s path. This is a complicated activity and when you notice our signs, you are showing appreciation to your spiritual team, and this attentiveness brings about the desired change.  Thus, the spiritual team celebrates.”   He continued to say, "the outer signs have to connect with the inner ones."  So for instance, if you are seeing repeated numbers this is an outer sign.  It is up to you to determine the inner meaning.  Nothing is too small to be overlooked. Every opportunity is used by the spiritual world to influence a soul to stay within the boundaries of their soul’s purpose.

Being aware of this information from the Ascended Masters has changed the way I look at everything. I am more observant about my surroundings. There is a road map for our individual lives, but unfortunately, the vast number of individuals alive today are unaware of its existence. I remember back about 10 years ago--- I was sitting in my bedroom at 5 AM with the window open saying the Lord’s Prayer. Just as I came to the part, “ thy will be done,” the newspaper carrier pulled into the parking lot with the music of the Lord’s Prayer blasting out of his window at the very same place where my prayer had been interrupted. The words were thy will be done. Needless to say, this got my attention, but it was up to me to interpret the sign. In this case, I had been through a difficult divorce and I knew it was an affirmation that I was following the right course.  Over the years I have had many other similar experiences and I take each one seriously. I’ll share more with you in a future blog post,

Saint Germain says we are part of a grand plan-- one that is in harmony with the universal consciousness. This plan is like a beautiful symphony that plays music intricately designed for each of us. Many parts come together in perfect harmony. The plan is designed by you with the guidance of your Council. Each soul participates.

Note-   Each of us has a Council of Elders on the other side who help us design the physical lives we take on. They are also waiting for us when we die and make our return to spirit.  There they evaluate the choices we made while in our physical bodies, and whether we have fulfilled all the tasks we set out to perform in the life.

Prior to birth there are numerous meetings with guides, guardian angels, and other souls chosen to be born and connect with each other in the next incarnation.  Saint Germain says, “The councils work together. All is handled diligently with great care. The plan is revealed to you and the hazards on the road are shown. If road construction is anticipated you are told.”  ( St. Germain has a sense of humor!)

Jane – I asked Saint Germain and Master Hilarion about free will and how this figures in the grand plan?

Master Hilarion – "one’s exercise of free will is imperative.  Many ( in spirit)  steer this body, mind and soul forward in the physical life. There is always the possibility that one ignores the messages left on the path, however, if one pays attention and follows these signs,you will fulfill your soul’s purpose much quicker and become one with God. When one becomes aware of the guidance, you may mold or meld your free will with the directional markers sent to you by guides and  the angelic support team. Therefore, we acknowledge the existence of free will, however, there is much more. I offer a prayer to assist you in merging your free will with ours.

Jane- I thought message from Master Hilarion was interesting. He seems to say-- yes, you have free will but please comply and accept our will for you!

St. Germain offers this prayer

Holy Father, we now ask that you make me aware of all the guidance sent to me each day and night. Please allow me to see and acknowledge the energy that surrounds and guides me. I allow my guides and angels to work with me in this way. I pledge to try, to my very best ability to understand the road ahead. I know that I am blessed by this tremendous love and assistance that is available to me at all times. Thank you for this gift.

In my next blog post I will talk about some of the common and uncommon symbols and signs that are related to our personal lives.   I will start the next post with the  birth experience.

Hopefully I have enticed you to continue to tune in for the next installment of this information.  Thank you for being here. Love, Jane