Signs and Symbols- Part 2 Birth and Death

This is part two of the series I began last month regarding the signs and symbols important to our lives. This information was given to me by the Ascended Masters  Hilarion and Saint Germain.

Master Hilarion- “ The  birth experience is only one factor in the blueprint of your earthly experience.  Birth is the physical awakening of the soul involving place of birth, parents, and the process of birth--- be it difficult or easy. These factors can say quite a bit about the reluctance or acceptance of the experience to come. The energy of the signs and symbols begins upon the first breath. A difficult birth may indicate that the soul has had a change of heart. It speaks to the willingness of the soul to come into the body. The length of time the mother holds the baby, equals how close this bond will be.”

I found this very interesting. It is unlikely that a woman  giving her baby up for adoption would hold the baby very long, and therefore the bond would not be very close.

 Master Hilarion-“The time and place of birth equals the celestial footprint.  The timing of the birth is chosen by you with help from spiritual guides and angels.  You re– emerge into a physical body very close to your own timing, and you have been instructed while in spirit about the kind of energies that will be present in this choice. There is a wheel that rotates and shows all the potential areas affected by your choice regarding the time of your birth.”

Just my note about this – in my work as a spiritual medium I have learned that there are very few accidents. Our lives are carefully planned. I was not aware of this wheel he mentions. 

 He went on to say that our physical body is wrapped around the celestial energy and that each planet contains energy, vibration and motion which affects the physical body connected to the soul.   He says, “This is like the fuel that fills your automobile. It moves you and generates energy for the body. It allows you to turn and maneuver within the physical body and so, it is an important part of all factors considered prior to birth.”

He tells me that our elders are available at all times during the preparation to return to a physical life. They will review and discuss our options. Old souls have many choices, however younger ones are strongly encouraged to select from a limited number of lives.

I asked the Master if we can see the outcome of some of these potential lives while still residing in the spirit world. In other words, could we look at the lifetime like a fast forward movie?   I think you’ll find his answer interesting.

Master Hilarion-“You cannot see your choices in the smallest detail – only the broader challenges that the earthly vehicle will provide. Within the template there exists free will, and this operates in such a way that it will naturally form a variety of choices. Once a physical plan has been chosen, the supporting family is discussed. At this point, parents, or a set of parents, have been identified. You are able to observe them prior to the birth; however, all information is forgotten upon your entry into the physical vehicle.”

I said---this seems like a road map? The key events of a person’s life are placed along the path and there are significant signposts along the way?

Master Hilarion – “Yes, you might say this is what we call the markers or turning points. So as you emerge from spirit into body, you carry this map in your pocket. The energy of the turning points will be felt by most. We encourage certain turns and exits on the path, but you have the choice, therefore you may turn and come backwards to the previous place.

I asked him how important was the celestial blueprint in comparison to the choice of our names and he used a metaphor to answer my question.

 Master Hilarion-  “The name is like the path you walk while in a body, but the celestial blueprint represents the energy which emanates from your physical body to your spiritual selves. The physical body is wrapped around the celestial energy.”

I asked about our heritage and its relationship to our choices when we choose our families.   His answer was interesting. He said heritage was very important and can be part of our memory bank. He says, “One may return to a culture that is familiar and sometimes it is an opportunity to correct previous actions left over from a previous life in that place.  Some souls will return over and over again to the same place simply because there was a deep love and memories in this part of the world.”

I went on to ask him about death wondering if it was carefully planned like birth.

The Master said this event is discussed and made known to you prior to birth. There are many discussions with your elders regarding the circumstances. This decision must be made in the spiritual world outside of the noise and confusion of the physical dimension. In spirit, you are nonjudgmental regarding the exact details. You spend a great deal of time in planning this event. There are always three choices, and only three, so as to place limits on the decision. It was determined by a high council many eons of your time long ago that three was what you might say the magic number.”

He explained to me that we can step forward and make changes in a plan because this is our right through free will; however, all plans must be changed by working with our guide and guardian angels. I expressed concern to him that some people don’t know how to do this and many, have not established a relationship with their guides.

The Master said for those individuals who do not have a relationship with their spiritual team, it is the guide’s responsibility to obtain the interest and desires of the soul. And so, this conversation occurs on a deeper level between the two. The guide is able to understand the desires of the spirit inhabiting this physical body, and uses this information to adjust the plan.

He encourages us to have an ongoing conversation with our guides about the possibilities surrounding our death. We talked a little bit about one of my best friends who died three years ago. He informed me that she had the opportunity to change the moment of her death and decided to continue on with her original plan. He said she was very conscious of her choice, and her only hesitation was in hurting others or creating sadness within her family.

In this particular situation my best friend died very suddenly while being treated in the hospital for a serious condition. I don’t think anybody expected it would be a final release from the body and she was very young.

I hope you enjoyed this information. In part three of this post I will conclude this series.

Thank you for  being here.  I  appreciate your comments.    Blessings, Jane